Cabbage diet

General rules

The cabbage diet for weight loss is one of the varieties of vegetable diets. Cabbage has a low calorie content. 100 g of cabbage contains: white leaf - 27 kcal, broccoli - 34 kcal, colored leaf - 32 kcal, kohlrabi - 42 kcal, Brussels sprouts - 44 kcal, dried sea kale - 55 kcal. The nutritional value of cabbage is due to the presence of vegetable proteins and carbohydrates, fiber, macro- and microelements (potassium, phosphorus, copper, sodium, iodine, calcium, cobalt, sulfur, molybdenum, manganese), vitamins (C, K, P, B1, B6, pantothenic and folic acid), enzymes (protease, lactose, lipase), phytoncides. In this case, in different types of cabbage, these ingredients vary significantly.

The basis of the diet is the inclusion of cabbage in the diet. There are many types of diets for losing weight on cabbage, starting from relatively sparing diet options, in which cabbage is the main product in the diet, both raw and cooked (stewed, pickled, in soup) with a small amount of products included containing protein (dietary meat, vegetables, egg) and a minimum content of vegetable fat to more stringent options - cabbage curd, cabbagekefir, cabbage and potato diet, in which only these products are present in the diet. Rigid mono-diet options are extremely unbalanced in food nutrients and should not exceed 3 days in duration. In general, the caloric content of the daily diet of gentle diet options, taking into account the use of different types of cabbage, varies between 1000-1200 kcal, which allows you to quickly lose weight. Such a diet can be designed for 3 days, 7 days and 10 days.

Sauerkraut diet is even more effective for weight loss. The calorie content of sauerkraut is only 19 kcal per 100 g of product, and the energy component of the daily diet with the inclusion of sauerkraut in the diet can be in the range of 850-1000 Kcal. According to reviews of the sauerkraut diet, this version of a low-calorie low-carb diet allows for a more significant reduction in body weight, but it is much more difficult to tolerate.

With any version of the diet, salt and sugar, sweets, animals and cooking fats, alcohol are excluded from the diet. The use of free liquid should be at least 2 liters / day in the form of mineral non-carbonated water, a decoction of wild rose, cabbage juice, unsweetened green / black tea. While on a cabbage diet, it is advisable to include vitamin-mineral complex tablets in the menu.

However, cabbage-based diets also have significant drawbacks. First of all, the diet is extremely unbalanced and physiologically deficient in macro and micronutrients. A low-carb diet leads to decreased performance, slowed down the reaction, worsened concentration of attention, the appearance of apathy and headaches. The use of a sufficiently large amount of cabbage can cause an increase in the acidity of gastric juice, increase fermentation in the intestine, which is accompanied by pain and flatulence. Long-term dieting of this type can lead to protein starvation, and a lack of fat - to a deficiency of unsaturated fatty acids, Vitamin E and BUT. The diet is difficult to tolerate psychologically, since the menu is quite monotonous.

To increase the effectiveness of the cabbage diet, you must:

  • Carry out preliminary preparation of the body, limiting the use of white bread, smoked meats, sausages, sweets, muffins, fatty and fried foods, alcoholic drinks 3-5 days before it begins and reduce salt intake.
  • For a variety of menus, you should use different types of cabbage and different ways of cooking it.
  • Eating is desirable to share with the time of drinking fluid.

Allowed Products

In the diet of the cabbage diet, it is allowed to include soups based on various types of cabbage (cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, white cabbage, red leaf, broccoli, Beijing cabbage, kohlrabi, sea kale) and various vegetables (except potatoes) - carrots, tomatoes, leaf salads, zucchini, onions, radishes, garlic, radishes, which can also be used separately, both raw in various salads and in boiled or stewed form. Cabbage must be used both raw and sauerkraut and stewed.

Small amounts (150-200 g) of dietary meat (rabbit meat, low-fat beef, turkey or chicken meat without skin) and low-fat species of white river or sea fish are allowed in the diet. On the side dish you can use brown rice. Bread (not more than 100 g), only coarse or grain, preferably dried. It is allowed to include chicken eggs, low-fat sour-milk products, cottage cheese, and vegetable oils in the diet. Unsweetened fruits and freshly squeezed juice from them are allowed. The volume of free liquid is replenished due to non-carbonated table mineral water, herbal teas, black / green unsweetened tea, broth of wild rose.

Approved Product Table

Proteins, gFats, gCarbohydrates, gCalories, kcal

Vegetables and greens

dried white cabbage15,01,448,0278
boiled broccoli3,00,44,027
Brussels sprouts4,80,08,043
kohlrabi cabbage2,80,010,742
red cabbage0,80,07,624
savoy cabbage1,20,16,028
boiled cauliflower1,80,34,029
boiled corn4,12,322,5123
red bow1,40,09,142
salad pepper1,30,05,327
white radish1,40,04,121



Milk products

dairy products3,26,54,1117
kefir 1%2,81,04,040

Meat products

cooked beef25,816,80,0254


steamed chicken breast23,61,90,0113


chicken eggs12,710,90,7157

Fish and seafood

sea ​​kale0,85,10,049

Oils and Fats

linseed oil0,099,80,0898
olive oil0,099,80,0898

Soft Drinks

mineral water0,00,00,0-
instant chicory0,10,02,811
green tea0,00,00,0-

Juices and compotes

rosehip juice0,10,017,670
* data are per 100 g of product

Fully or partially restricted products

All fatty meats and meat products (ham, sausages, sausages, bacon, offal), animal fats, cereals, white rice, pasta are excluded from the diet. It is not allowed to use sugar, bakery products, sweets, honey, jam, jam, chocolate and cream products. The use of fatty sour-milk products - sour cream, cream, kefir and fermented baked milk with a high content of fat, butter is completely eliminated. All smoked meats, preservation, salted vegetables are excluded. From fruits, it is necessary to exclude the use of grapes, bananas, papaya, melon, mango. It is strictly forbidden to use alcohol-containing and sweet carbonated drinks. Salt intake is limited.

Prohibited Products Table

Proteins, gFats, gCarbohydrates, gCalories, kcal

Vegetables and greens

legumes vegetables9,11,627,0168







Nuts and dried fruits



potato chips5,530,053,0520

Cereals and cereals

white rice6,70,778,9344

Flour and Pasta


Bakery products








Raw materials and seasonings


Milk products

condensed milk7,28,556,0320

Cheeses and cottage cheese

processed amber cheese7,027,34,0289
cottage cheese 18% (fat)14,018,02,8232

Meat products

fat pork11,449,30,0489
pork fat1,492,80,0841


cooked sausage13,722,80,0260
smoked sausage28,227,50,0360
smoked sausage9,963,20,3608


smoked chicken27,58,20,0184


the eggs12,710,90,7157

Fish and seafood

salted fish19,22,00,0190
canned fish17,52,00,088
semi-finished fish12,56,714,7209

Oils and Fats

cream margarine0,582,00,0745
coconut oil0,099,90,0899
animal fat0,099,70,0897
cooking fat0,099,70,0897

Alcoholic beverages

dessert white wine 16%0,50,016,0153

Soft Drinks

energy drink0,00,011,345
* data are per 100 g of product

Cabbage Diet Menu (Power Mode)

The menu of the cabbage diet is not strictly defined and depends on the set of products included in the diet. Eating is carried out at a convenient and familiar time for you 4-5 times a day, however, when you feel hungry, you need to arrange additional snacks.

3 days cabbage diet menu

First day

  • salad with cabbage and vegetables seasoned with vegetable oil;
  • green tea with sorbitol.
  • cabbage soup;
  • boiled brisket 150 g with vegetable salad;
  • dried fruits compote.
High tea
  • green baked apple.
  • boiled egg, coleslaw;
  • mineral non-carbonated water.

Second day

  • coleslaw with green apple;
  • tomato juice.
  • cabbage-based vegetable soup;
  • baked white fish with salad;
  • rosehip broth.
High tea
  • fruit plate.
  • Soft-boiled egg with sauerkraut;
  • plum juice.

The third day

  • cabbage cutlets;
  • green tea without sugar.
  • cabbage soup without meat;
  • 200 g low-fat boiled beef;
  • dried fruit jelly.
High tea
  • grapefruit juice.
  • cabbage salad with vegetables;
  • kefir 1%.

With a longer diet (for 7 days, for 10 days), the above examples of the menu can be repeated.

Diet recipes for cabbage diet

Cabbage-based diet foods for weight loss are quite numerous, and the use of different types of cabbage and the use of different methods of cooking it allows you to maximize the variety of the cabbage diet menu - this is cabbage soup and salads that use cauliflower with vegetables, stewed Brussels sprouts, cabbage pancakes and meatballs, casserole, pies with cabbage, cabbage juice.

White Cabbage Diet Recipes

The most commonly used diet cabbage recipes are white cabbage. Below are recipes for some of the dishes.

Fresh cabbage diet cabbage soup

Products: chicken breast, cabbage (1/4 head of cabbage), 2 carrots, 1 onion, 2 tomatoes, garlic, bay leaf and herbs to taste.

Boil chicken skin without skin, chop cabbage and all other vegetables, after removing the skin from the tomato. Remove and cut the fillet portionwise. In the chicken stock put onions, carrots, and after 15 minutes, tomatoes and cabbage, add bay leaf. Season the prepared cabbage soup with garden herbs, finely chop the garlic. According to a similar recipe, cabbage soup can be made from sauerkraut.

Dietary Cabbage Recipe

Cabbage cutlets are prepared from cabbage leaves, previously boiled until half-cooked, which are carefully grinded in a meat grinder to the state of mincemeat. Into the minced meat is introduced an egg, onion, herbs, carrots, grated apple and spices to taste. You can add a small amount of semolina and a teaspoon of vegetable oil. Formed cutlets are baked in the oven until golden brown.

Diet Cabbage Pie

Cabbage 400 g, low fat kefir 450 ml, whole grain flour 300 g, carrots 1-2 pieces, soda 1 teaspoon, spices, herbs.

For the filling: chop the cabbage, rub the carrots. Stew the carrots with spices and add the cabbage. Quench soda with kefir and leave in a warm place for 10 minutes. Add a little olive oil, a pinch of salt and with a mixer knead the dough. At the bottom of the mold, lay out and distribute half the dough. Put the filling on it and fill with the remaining half of the dough. Bake at a temperature of 160 degrees for 30-40 minutes. Sprinkle the finished cake with sesame seeds.

You can also cook dishes from other types of cabbage or combining them.

Cauliflower and White Cabbage Dishes

Cauliflower and White Casserole Casserole

Cauliflower (500 g), white cabbage (100 g), 150 g low-fat cheese, 1 zucchini, ¾ cup milk, 2 eggs, vegetable oil, breadcrumbs, pepper, salt.

Finely chop the white cabbage, boil the cauliflower until half cooked and take it apart. Cut the zucchini into cubes and lightly fry in vegetable oil. Beat eggs and combine with milk and spices. Grate the cheese. Grease with butter and sprinkle with breadcrumbs the baking dish and lay the vegetables in layers: white cabbage, half a cauliflower, sprinkle with cheese, a layer of zucchini, cauliflower and the remaining cheese. Pour in a mixture of eggs and milk. Casserole is cooked in the oven at a temperature of 200 C, 40 minutes.

Peking cabbage diet recipes with photo

Salads with Peking cabbage, chicken and corn

Chicken fillet, canned corn, Beijing cabbage, fresh cucumber, garlic, herbs, vegetable oil, hard low-fat cheese, low-fat yogurt.

Boil chicken until cooked, cut into well-aimed pieces. Wash the leaves of cabbage, chop the green part and mix with chopped cucumber and herbs. Add finely grated cheese and corn. Dress with sauce: mix, yogurt with garlic and herbs, lightly salt and season with pepper.

Seaweed Diet

Korean style seaweed salad

Vegetable oil, dried seaweed, soy sauce, carrots, lemon, hot peppers, coriander, brown sugar, garlic.

Rinse seaweed with cold water. Squeezed lemon juice mixed with soy sauce, with salt, crushed garlic, brown sugar and coriander. Grate carrots, add seaweed and pour the sauce. Add some hot vegetable oil. Pickle for 2 hours.

Salad (seaweed with egg)

Canned seaweed, boiled eggs, vegetable oil, onions, greens.

Drain the liquid from the seaweed, put in a salad bowl. Peel boiled chicken eggs, cut into cubes. Finely chop the greens and onions. Mix thoroughly and season with olive oil.

Diet recipes for stewed cabbage

White cabbage, onion, carrots, tomato paste (ketchup), spices (bay leaf, basil, curry, turmeric, black and red pepper).

Chop the cabbage and crush it with your hands so that the juice appears. Chop the carrots, cut the onion into rings. Put vegetables in a pan, add water and simmer for 20 minutes over low heat. When ready, add tomato paste and spices. Strain for another 20 minutes. The dish needs to simmer another 20 minutes. Serve hot and cold.

Multicooked Braised Cabbage with Prunes

White cabbage, tomatoes, olive oil, carrots, low-fat yogurt, prunes, paprika, lemon.

Chop the cabbage, peel the tomatoes and finely chop, finely grate the carrots. In a preheated crock-pot, we put cabbage and carrots, add lemon juice, slightly paprika. Fry vegetables for 5-7 minutes with the lid open. When ready, add tomatoes, chopped prunes and yogurt. Stew for 20 minutes.

Way out of diet

For a longer effect from cabbage diets, it is important to get out of them correctly.

  • Introduce first into the diet seafood, red fish, red meats, cottage cheese, cheeses. Keep cabbage in your diet. At night, use a variety of dairy products. Do not overeat, drink enough fluids.
  • The products forbidden in the diet (semi-finished products, sausages, fried, smoked dishes) should be introduced into the diet no earlier than 5-7 days after the end of the diet, gradually and in small quantities.


Childhood, pregnancy and lactationgastrointestinal tract diseases, increased acidity of gastric juice, allergy, infectious diseases, anemia, diabetes, children's age, tendency to bowel spasms.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Products are year-round affordable and affordable.
  • Dishes from cabbage are simple and do not require special knowledge and cooking skills.
  • Cabbage has a low calorie content and allows you to achieve rapid weight loss.
  • The diet is extremely unbalanced in food nutrients and can be used for a short time.
  • Not everyone fits, there are a number of contraindications.
  • A monotonous menu is difficult to tolerate psychologically, causing frequent breakdowns.

Nutritionist Comments

Only healthy people can practice a physiologically defective express cabbage diet, since a diet based on basic nutrients is extremely unbalanced and prolonged exposure to it can have negative consequences. Such a diet must necessarily be supplemented with a complex of vitamin-mineral supplements and strictly observe the drinking regimen in order to avoid an intensified fermentation process in the intestines.

Reviews on the Cabbage Diet for Weight Loss

As always, with such diets, the reviews of those who have lost weight on different types of cabbage, as well as the results, vary significantly.

  • "... Girlfriends advised a cabbage diet. I tried it. Frankly, she barely survived a week. Although I started with white cabbage, after 3 days I prepared dishes on Beijing cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, since it is difficult to tolerate uniform dishes. And even later, she started cooking on stewed cabbage. Twice I wanted to throw, but buckwheat helped out, after which it became easier. During the "cabbage diet" was feeling sick. Lethargy, apathy and irritability. The result is so-so - minus 3.5 kg. Next time I’ll look for another diet for myself, because I can’t even look at cabbage soup, and even more so - transfer its smell";
  • "... I use not a diet, but a fasting day on sauerkraut once a week. Very satisfied. The body is well cleared and health improves. I want to switch to kelp, but I don’t know if seaweed can be used on fasting days, I need to consult a nutritionist";
  • "... I decided on the advice of friends to try a cabbage diet. But in the beginning I decided to study this diet. Unfortunately, I did not find clear medical recommendations on this diet. Someone in the forest, some for firewood. The fact is that I had a peptic ulcer in the past and I don’t know whether it is possible to eat sauerkraut with a diet and whether it is possible to eat stewed cabbage. It’s good that I asked my local doctor who told me that during periods of exacerbation it is undesirable to eat cabbage in any form - neither fresh, nor fried, not soaked, not stewed, not pickled, because it contains a lot of rough fiber, irritating the mucous membrane the stomach. And in the period of remission - you can use boiled or stewed cabbage in small quantities as a part of second courses or soups. From the use of fresh, sauerkraut and pickled cabbage, even during remission with a stomach ulcer, it is necessary to refuse. But since it contains a vitamin that favorably affects the process of ulcer scarring, cabbage is better to use in the form of freshly squeezed juice before meals".

Diet price

Diet includes affordable and relatively inexpensive foods. The cost of food varies from 900-1200 rubles per week.

Watch the video: Does the Soup Diet Work? UCLA Center for Human Nutrition (February 2020).

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