In 1 tablet sulfadoxine 500 mg and pyrimethamine 25 mg Corn starch, lactose, talc, gelatin, magnesium stearate, as excipients.

Release form

Tablets 500 mg + 25 mg No. 3.

Pharmachologic effect

Antimalarial, antiprotozoal.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


The active substance acts on asexual forms of malarial plasmodia inside red blood cells. The effectiveness is explained by the synergistic action of the components of the drug - the activity of two enzymes necessary for synthesis is suppressed folinic acid parasites. This drug is active against strains that are resistant to chloroquine. There are strains P. Falciparum resistant to this drug. Efficacy for infection caused by Toxoplasma gondii.


After oral administration, maximum concentrations are reached after 4 hours. Active substances are 90% bound to proteins. Both cross the placental barrier and are excreted in the milk of lactating women. Pyrimethamine biotransformed to several metabolites. A long half-life is characteristic - for pyrimethamine 100 hours for sulfadoxine - 200 hours. Both components are excreted by the kidneys. In patients malaria the pharmacokinetics of the drug differs from that in healthy ones. At renal failure deduction slowdown is noted.

Indications for use

  • malariacaused by P. falciparumwhich is resistant to other drugs;
  • malaria prevention in regions with P. Falciparum;
  • toxoplasmosis.


  • megaloblastic anemia;
  • hypersensitivity;
  • age up to 2 months;
  • kidney and liver diseases;
  • decompensated heart failure.

With caution is prescribed during pregnancy - only with absolute indications.

Side effects

  • rash, itching;
  • hair loss;
  • hives;
  • photosensitization;
  • erythema multiforme;
  • exfoliative dermatitis;
  • leukopenia, megaloblastic, aplastic and hemolytic anemia;
  • nausea, loose stools, abdominal pain, pancreatitis, hepatitis;
  • depressionpossible cramps hallucinations, insomniairritability;
  • renal failure, toxic nephrosisinterstitial nephritis;
  • general and muscle weakness, fatigue, headache.

Sulfonamides similar in structure to diuretics and oral hypoglycemic agents. In connection with this, hypoglycemia and polyuria.

Fansidar, instructions for use (Method and dosage)

Fansidar tablets are taken after meals, whole and washed down with a sufficient amount of liquid.

Uncomplicated treatment malaria. Adults weighing more than 45 kg are prescribed 3 tablets once.

Children under 2 years old - 0.5 tablets, 10-14 years old - 2 tablets.

Complicated treatment malaria. Start by taking quinine for a week, then take Fansidar once in the doses described above. Such consistent therapy prevents relapses that occur during treatment alone. quinine.

For the purpose of prevention malaria children under 2 years old are prescribed 0.5 tablets, from 10 - 14 years old - 1.5 tablets every 2 weeks. Adults are prescribed 1 tablet per week. The first dose is taken a week before departure, continue to be taken throughout the stay and 1.5 months. after check out. The duration of preventive treatment can be 2 years. There is no experience of longer use.

Fansidar for toxoplasmosis is prescribed 2 tablets once a week for 1.5 months. An alternative scheme is the following: 1 tablet every 3 days, for a cycle of 8 tablets. It is necessary to carry out 2-3 cycles with a break per month. Between loops to take folic acid, given the possibility of inhibition of hematopoiesis.

In patients with a latent course of toxoplasmosis, complex use with immunomodulators (Polyoxidonium, Galovit) After the first cycle, a significant decrease IgM.

During treatment, avoid exposure to the sun. If the drug is prescribed for 3 months, it is recommended to monitor blood counts, "liver" tests. Sore throat, cough, fever, dyspneaskin rash are the first signs of side effects and you should immediately stop taking the drug.


Manifested by loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea, headache, excitement, cramps. Gastric lavage is undertaken, prescribed diazepam or barbiturates for seizures. Within a month, kidney and liver function, blood tests are monitored. At thrombocytopenia and leukopenia prescribed intramuscularly Leucovorin.


Do not prescribe at the same time trimethoprim and sulfonamide, since hematological disorders are amplified. With simultaneous appointment with chloroquine the severity of adverse reactions increases.

Terms of sale

On prescription.

Storage conditions

Temperature up to 35 ° С.

Shelf life

5 years.

Analogs of Fansidar

Matches for ATX Level 4 code:Chloridin

Quinine, Delagil, Lariam, Hydroxychloroquine, Immard.

Reviews about Fancidar

The import of tropical malaria is carried out by foreign citizens and our tourists. In January 2016 alone, 18 cases were registered in the Russian Federation malaria. In connection with the progressive resistance of the pathogen of malaria, monotherapy with drugs is not shown. Therefore, it is more advisable to use either combined medicines (Fansidar drug), or schemes that combinequinine and doxycycline or artemisinin and mefloquine. Preventive courses for malaria-disadvantaged people are assigned to preventive courses - one week before departure, the entire period of stay in the malaria area and another 1 month after departure (for delagila) Preparations Lariam and Maloprim take a total of up to 6 months.

Most often there are reviews about the use of this drug with toxoplasmosis.

  • "... Toxoplasmosis is not treated with this drug, but the doctor said that before pregnancy it is necessary to lower antibody titers, so I drink these pills".
  • "... She was undergoing treatment to prevent a miscarriage. When taking Fansidar, there was a cough and a strong sore throat".
  • "... I drink 12 days is very severe weakness, constantly sick and vomiting".
  • "... Assigned to drink this drug, and after the 29th week to retake blood".
  • "... It was treated after there was a frozen pregnancy and toxoplasmosis was determined. After treatment, she became pregnant six months later, toxoplasmosis tests were normal, a healthy baby was born".

Fansidar's price, where to buy

The question is often asked: where to buy Fansidar? This is due to the fact that the drug does not always happen in the pharmacy network. You can buy Fansidar or order in pharmacies of regional centers. Its cost ranges from 233 rubles. up to 550 rub.

Watch the video: Fansidar Malaria Medicine. Usage and Side Effects (January 2020).

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