1 milliliter drops include 5 mg levocetirizine dihydrochloride - active ingredient.

Additional components: glycerol 85%, sodium saccharin, propylene glycol, acetate sodium trihydrate, propyl parahydroxybenzoate, glacial acetic acid, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, purified water.

1 tablet includes 5 mg levocetirizine dihydrochloride- active ingredient.

Additional components: microcrystalline silicon cellulose, lactose monohydrate, low-substituted hydroxypropyl cellulose, magnesium stearate, white Opadry II 33G28523 (shell).

Release form

Company "Aegis"Alerzin produces in the form of oral drops in 20 ml bottles and in the form of tablets of 7 or 14 pieces in a pack.

Pharmachologic effect


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The active ingredient of Alerzin is levocetirizine - is a stable R-enantiomer Cetirizine and belongs to a group of competitive histamine blockers.

Therapeutic efficacy levocetirizinedue to its ability to block Histamine H1 receptorsto which the affinity for levocetirizinetwice this indicator cetirizine. Alerzin's influence on histamine dependentformation phase allergic reaction possibly due to reduction vascular permeabilitydecrease eosinophil migration and limiting release inflammatory mediators. Levocetirizineprevents formation allergic reactionsand their further development thanks to their anti-exudative, anti-inflammatory and antipruritic effects. The antiserotonin and anticholinergic effects of the drug are practically not observed.

Linear dependence of pharmacokinetic parameters levocetirizinesimilar to that of cetirizine.

Oral administration levocetirizineleads to its intense and rapid absorption. The degree of absorption is not dose-dependent and does not change from taking the drug with or without food, but when taking drugs with food, its Cmax slightly decreases. Bioavailability levocetirizineis at the level of 100%. In half of the patients, the effectiveness of a single dose (5 mg) of the drug is observed after 12 minutes, and in 95% of patients after 30-60 minutes. The plasma Cmax of the therapeutic oral dose is 270 ng / ml, is reached over 50 minutes and lasts two days. With repeated administration of 5 mg levocetirizineits Cmax reaches a value of 308 ng / ml.

Accurate distribution information levocetirizinein the tissues of the human body and its passage through the BBB does not exist. According to studies, the maximum concentrations of the drug were recorded in kidneyand liver, and the minimum in CNS tissues. Binding to plasma proteins occurs at 90%. The volume of distribution is 0.4 l / kg.

In the human body, only 14% undergoes metabolic transformation levocetirizineby connecting mechanisms such as N- and O-dealkylation, oxidation and compound with T aurin. The dealkylation process primarily affects the system cytochrome CYP3A4, and uncertain and / or numerous isoforms of CYP. In concentrations that are significantly higher than the maximum after oral administration of 5 mg levocetirizine, its effect on activity is not observed cytochrome isoenzymes 1A2, 2E1, 2C19, 2C9, 2D6, 3A4. Given the low rates metabolism drug, as well as the lack of levocetirizinethe ability to suppress it, the interaction of Alerzin with other medicinal substances is unlikely.

The main ways of excretion levocetirizine - it is active tubular secretion and glomerular filtration. For adult patients, T½ of the drug from plasma is 7.9 ± 1.9 hours (in children less), the total clearance is 0.63 ml / min / kg. The majority of levocetirizine and its metabolic products are excreted by the kidneys - on average, 85.4%, approximately 12.9% are excreted by the intestines.

In the human body, the actual clearance levocetirizinedirectly related to ground clearance creatininetherefore patients with kidney pathologies Alerzine should be prescribed with appropriate creatinine clearance at intervals. With anuria, the actual clearance of the body decreases by about 80% compared with the actual clearance of the body of healthy people. During hemodialysis (4-hour procedure) less than 10% levocetirizine.

Indications for use

Alerzin intake is indicated for the purpose of treatment, as well as prevention idiopathic urticaria in chronic form and allergic rhinitis (including year-round).


  • Chronic renal failurein severe form (CC less than 10 ml / min);
  • lactation;
  • personal hypersensitivityto levocetirizine, other components of drugs, as well as piperazine derivatives;
  • pregnancy;
  • hereditary pathologies lactase deficiency, galactose intolerance or violations glucose uptake/galactose(for tablets).

Side effects

Breathing system:

  • dyspnea.

Nervous system:

  • drowsiness/insomnia;
  • headache;
  • fast fatiguability;
  • excitation;
  • feeling of weakness;
  • dysgeusia;
  • asthenia;
  • aggression;
  • cramps;
  • dizziness;
  • paresthesia;
  • depression;
  • fainting;
  • vertigo;
  • tremor;
  • hallucinations;
  • suicidal tendencies.

The cardiovascular system:

  • tachycardia;
  • palpitations.

Urinary system:

  • urinary retention;
  • dysuria.

Organs of vision:

  • blurred vision;
  • visual impairment.

The immune system:

  • manifestations hypersensitivityincluding anaphylaxis.

Gastrointestinal organs:

  • nausea/vomiting;
  • pain in the abdomen;
  • diarrhea;
  • feeling of dryness in the oral cavity;
  • constipation;
  • hepatitis.

Musculoskeletal system:

  • myalgia.


  • sustained drug rashes;
  • hives;
  • itching/rash;
  • Quincke's edema.


  • swelling;
  • elevated appetite;
  • deviations in activity enzymes liver
  • weight gain.

In the case of any of the above effects, the reception of Alerzin should be interrupted until the exact reasons for their occurrence are established.

Alerzin, instructions for use

Drops Alerzin

In the form of drops, the drug is administered orally (inside), regardless of food. The minimum age of patients who can be prescribed Alerzin in the form of drops is 6 months. Acceptance of the drug is possible both in its natural form and in dilution with water, while the volume of water should correspond to one sip of the patient. Droplets diluted in water should be drunk immediately.

Below are the recommended children's doses of Alerzin drops and the frequency of their administration, depending on the age category of patients:

  • 6-12 months - 5 drops (which corresponds to 1.25 mg) once in 24 hours;
  • 1-6 years - 5 drops (which corresponds to 1.25 mg) twice a day;
  • from 6 years - 20 drops (which corresponds to 5 mg) once a day.

Pills Alerzin

In the form of tablets, the drug is administered orally (inside), regardless of food. The minimum age of patients who can be prescribed Alerzin in tablet form is 6 years. The tablet must be swallowed whole and washed down with 100-200 ml of water. The usual daily dosage is 1 tab (5 mg) once every 24 hours.

Elderly and sick with liver pathologiesdo not need dose adjustment of the drug.

For patients with renal pathologies, dose adjustment is carried out in accordance with the observed creatinine clearance (CC):

  • KK 30-49 ml / min - 5 mg once in 48 hours;
  • CC less than 30 ml / min - 5 mg once in 72 hours;
  • CC less than 10 ml / min - contraindicated.

If it is necessary to prescribe Alerzin to children with kidney pathologies, the dosage regimen of the drug is adjusted individually based on QC and the weight of the child.

Treatment duration

With occasionally occurring allergic rhinitis with symptoms lasting less than 4 days a week or less than 4 weeks, a therapy is prescribed that is consistent with the history and course of the disease. It is possible to stop treatment when symptoms disappear and resume when they reappear.

At persistent allergic rhinitiswith a duration of symptoms more than 4 days a week or more than 4 weeks during the patient’s contact with allergensprescribe continuous therapy. In the case of a chronic course of diseases (hivesand allergic rhinitis) the duration of taking Alerzin can be up to 12 months.


In case of overdose levocetirizineobserved signs drowsiness in adult patients, as well as primary excitationand irritabilitywith further drowsinessin pediatric patients.

With the rapid detection of overdose, cleansing the gastrointestinal tract will be effective. Further treatment should be based on leveling the observed symptoms. For breeding levocetirizinecarrying out hemodialysis will not be effective.


Concurrent use with Pseudoephedrine, Antipyrine, Cimetidine, Glipizide, Erythromycin, Azithromycin, Ketoconazole, Diazepamdid not show any clinically significant negative interactions.

In a multiple-dose combined daily dose study cetirizine 10 mg and daily doses ritonavira1200 mg distribution ritonaviradecreased by 11%, and exposure cetirizineincreased by 40%.

Joint reception with Theophylline in a daily dose of 400 mg reduces the actual clearance levocetirizineby 16%, without changing the kinetics theophylline.

Degree of absorption levocetirizinedoes not depend on food intake, but reduces the rate of its absorption.

When applying levocetirizinein therapeutic dosages enhancing the effects of concurrently taken sedatives funds were not observed, however, the joint administration of these drugs is not recommended.

Combined use with drugs, overwhelming central nervous system and ethanol-containingdrugs, did not affect the enhancement of their effects, however, in sensitive patients, such a drug combination could theoretically affect the normal functionality of the central nervous system.

Terms of sale

Acquisition of any form of Alerzin does not require a doctor's prescription.

Storage conditions

The temperature storage of drops is up to 25 ° C, tablets - up to 30 ° C.

Shelf life

For any form of the drug - 4 years (additionally for drops - 1.5 months after opening the bottle).

Special instructions

Patients with kidney pathologies (dosage adjustment) and elderly patients with Chronic renal failure(decrease in glomerular filtration).

In the case of patients taking Alerzin, factors that can provoke urinary retention (prostatic hyperplasia, spinal cord injuries etc.), it may be necessary to adjust the dosage regimen, since levocetirizineable to increase urinary retention.

Additional components of drops - propyl parahydroxybenzoate and methyl parahydroxybenzoate - may cause allergic manifestations (possibly delayed).

Analogs of Alerzin

Matches for ATX Level 4 code:TsetrilevCetirizineZirtekZodakCetrinCetirinaxL-CetLevocetirizineGletsetSuprastinexParlazinAileronXizal
  • Allertec;
  • Anallergin;
  • Alercetin;
  • Zestra;
  • Zodak;
  • Zirtek;
  • Cetirizine;
  • Rollinosis;
  • Cetirinax;
  • Centrinal;
  • Cetrin.

Synonyms of Alerzin

  • Allergic;
  • L-Cet;
  • Aileron;
  • Zenaro;
  • Gletset;
  • Zilola;
  • Xizal;
  • Tsetrilev;
  • Ceser;
  • Egizin.

For children

Alerzin is prescribed in the age category of up to 6 years only in drops, since this dosage form of the drug contributes to its accurate dosage when adjusting the dosage regimen. Application levocetirizineup to 6 months is not allowed due to insufficient data on its effect on the body of newborns. Otherwise, Alerzin for children is used according to the above recommendations.

With alcohol

Because of the possible CNS suppression, while taking Alerzin, it is better to refrain from drinking drinks that include alcohol.

During pregnancy and lactation

The use of Alerzin during breastfeeding and all over pregnancy contraindicated.

Reviews about Alerzin

The number of positive reviews about Alerzin, including the speed of its action, effectiveness, ease of dosing (regarding drops) and the minimum frequency of side effects, significantly exceeds the rare negative comments addressed to him. By and large, judging by the comments of the majority of patients receiving it, this drug has only two relative drawbacks, its cost and the insufficient shelf life of the drops after opening the bottle (1.5 months).

Price, where to buy

The average price of Alerzin is:

  • 45 hryvnia for 7 tablets;
  • 82 hryvnias for 14 tablets;
  • 125 UAH per bottle of 20 ml.
  • Online pharmacies in UkraineUkraine


  • Alerzin 5 mg N7 tablets ZAT FZ Egis, Ugorshchina47 UAH order
  • Alerzin 5 mg / ml 20 ml drops 109 UAH
  • Alerzin 5 mg No. 14 tablets ZAT FZ Egis, Ugorschina 72 UAH order

Pani Pharmacy

  • Alerzin tablets Alerzin tablets 5mg №14 Hungary, Egis 91 UAH order
  • Alerzin tablets Alerzin tablets 5mg №7 Hungary, Egis 54 UAH order
  • Alerzin liquid Alerzin cap. yelling. fl. 20ml Hungary, Egis 123 UAH order
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