Dr. Theiss Lollipops


Dr. Theiss Cough Lozenges include a specially selected composition of active ingredients:

  • oil eucalyptus + menthol+ oil peppermint;
  • medicinal extract sage+ bee honey;
  • concentrates cranberry juice (Canadian cranberries and common) + vitamin C;
  • extract fakeflower + oil lemon+ vitamin C;
  • oils aniseedand fennelseed + pepper oil peppermint+ menthol+ vitamin C;
  • extract and oil sage+ orange;
  • purple root extract echinacea+ menthol+ essence from firneedles (sugar free);
  • extract swiss herbs + bee honey+ pepper oil peppermint+ menthol+ vitamin C;
  • oil sage+ lemon Melissa+ vitamin C.

Release form

The release form of the biological additive is lozenges for resorption weighing 2.5 grams (1 pc), 20 lozenges (50 g) per pack.

Pharmachologic effect

Soothing, anti-inflammatory.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

All Dr. Lollipops Theiss have a beneficial effect on upper respiratory tractsoothing irritated throats reducing cougheliminating hoarsenessand hoarseness voices as well as a refreshing breath.

Depending on the combination of herbal ingredients, the additional effects of different candies are slightly different. So, for example, Dr. Tyss sagefrom honeyshowing some bactericidalaction and also positively affects the immune system person. Similar effects are inherent echinacea, vitamin C, eucalyptus, cranberry. Lindenand lemonpossess anti-inflammatoryand antipyreticactivity, and aniseand fennel disinfectantaction.

Indications for use

Softening symptomsobserved in painful conditions of the upper respiratory tract.


There are no absolute contraindications for the administration of candies.

Caution should be exercised in taking them. diabetes (except coneflower + fir), personal hypersensitivityto any of the ingredients, as well as children under 12 years old, pregnant women and lactatingto mothers.

Side effects

Presumably may be observed allergic manifestations, due to personal sensitivity.

Lollipops Dr. Theiss, instructions for use

The age category after 12 years shows the reception (resorption) of 3-5 candies per day, for up to 14 days.


Overdose facts were not recorded.


Special studies of drug interactions have not been conducted.

Terms of sale

Supplements are on sale.

Storage conditions

Not exceeding a temperature value of 25 ° C.

Shelf life

36 months.

For children

With caution - up to 12 years.

In pregnancy (and lactation)

Exercise caution, take after doctor's permission.


It must immediately be clarified that this drug is not a drug, but belongs to the group Dietary supplements(dietary supplements), so it’s not advisable to consider reviews of Dr. Theiss lollipops on the part of therapeutic efficacy. This product was created for the purpose of some additional relieve symptoms of catarrhal phenomena and additional receipt Vitamin C or other plant matter. Nevertheless, the big name of the manufacturer, the natural composition of the ingredients and of course the great taste range are sure to find their admirer.

It is worth noting that people who previously watched any allergicmanifestations on any plant components, as well as nursing mothers, children and pregnant women, it is worthwhile to be careful when choosing candies, and consult with your doctor before using them.

Price, where to buy

The price of Dr. Theiss lollipops, depending on their composition, ranges from 100-150 rubles.

  • Online Pharmacies in Russia


  • Dr. taiss lollipops honey plantain-vit with 50g Dr. Theiss Naturwaren GmbH
  • Dr. taiss lollipops sage honey 50g Dr. Theiss Naturwaren GmbH
  • Dr. taiss lollipops cranberry + vit with 50g Dr. Theiss Naturwaren GmbH
  • Dr. taiss lollipops sage-orange 50g Dr. Theiss Naturwaren GmbH 125 rub.order
  • Dr. taiss lollipops-lemon-vit with 50g dr.Dr.Theiss Naturwaren GmbH141 rub.order

Pharmacy Dialog

  • Dr. Theiss lollipops (50g (anise + fench. + Vit. C)) 129 rub.order
  • Dr. Theiss lollipops (50g (eucalyptus + menthol)) 123 rub.order
  • Dr. Theiss lollipops (50g (Swiss. Tr. + Honey + vit. C)) 133 rub.
  • Dr. Taiss lollipops (50g (sage + lim. Melissa + vit. C)) 144 rub.
  • Dr. Theiss lollipops (50g (honey + podor. + Vit. C)) 151 rub.order

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  • Dr. taiss lollipops sage and lemon balm with vitamin 50 g Dr. Taiss Naturvaren GmbH 160 rub.order
  • Dr. taiss lollipops and lemon with vitamin 50 gdr. Tayss Naturvaren GmbH150 rub.order
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