One tablet contains 50 mg of active substance. clomiphene citrate.

Additional components are: gelatin, lactose, magnesium stearate, starch, talc.

Release form

The drug is available in tablet form.

Pharmachologic effect


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The mechanism of action is based on the specific binding of the pituitary receptors and ovarian estrogen receptors. With a high estrogen content, the drug has antiestrogenic effect, with a low estrogen content, a moderate estrogenic effect.

Small doses of the drug Clomiphene enhance the production of LH, FSH, prolactin and other gonadotropins, enhances ovulation.

Large dosages of the drug inhibit the production of gonadotropins. Clomiphene does not have androgenic and gestagenic activity.

Indications for use

Clomiphene is prescribed for dysfunctional metrorrhagiapolycystic ovary syndrome, secondary amenorrhea, galactorrhea, post-contraceptive amenorrhea, Stein-Leventhal syndrome, Chiari-Frommel syndrome.

The drug is prescribed for the induction of ovulation with anovulatory infertility, for diagnostic purposes with violations in the pituitary gland (gonadotropic function).


Clomiphene is not prescribed for metrorrhagia of unknown origin, genital neoplasms, during pregnancy, ovarian failure on the background hyperprolactinemia, with endometriosis, pituitary hypofunction, pituitary neoplasms, with diagnosed ovarian cysts, intolerance to active components, with pathology in the work of the renal, hepatic systems.

Side effects

Digestive tract: diarrhea, flatulence, gastralgia, vomiting, nausea, dyspeptic disorders.

Nervous system: drowsiness, insomnia, irritability, dizziness, headaches, slowing of physical activity, decrease in the speed of mental reactions.

Genitourinary system: ovarian enlargement, menorrhagia, dysmenorrhea, pain in the lower abdomen, polyuria, frequent urination.

Allergic reactions, alopecia, weight gain, visual impairment, tenderness of the mammary glands are possible.

Clomiphene, instructions for use (method and dosage)

Stimulation of ovulation: before going to bed once a day, take 50 mg of the drug Clomiphene for five days, starting from the fifth day of the menstrual cycle. In the absence of menstruation, the drug is taken at any time.

If ovulation does not develop within a month, then the dosage is increased to 150 mg per day, or the duration of therapy is increased by 10 days. The maximum course dose is 1 gram.

Ovulation is diagnosed by an average, cyclic increase in LH production, the presence of biphasic basal temperature, and an increase in serum progesterone. If pregnancy does not occur with diagnosed ovulation, then taking Clomifen is repeated according to the scheme. If, after diagnosed ovulation, menstrual bleeding does not occur, then the doctor excludes / confirms the pregnancy.

Clomiphene is prescribed to males for 3-4 months 1-2 times a day, 50 mg each. A systematic assessment of spermogram is recommended.


It is manifested by visual disturbances, “hot flashes” of blood to the face, nausea, vomiting, and neurological symptoms.

Drug withdrawal is required, these symptoms disappear on their own.


Clomiphene is fully compatible with gonadotropin hormones.

Terms of sale

Recipe required.

Storage conditions

In a dry, dark place inaccessible to children at a temperature of no more than 25 degrees Celsius.

Shelf life

Not more than three years.

Special instructions

Clomiphene increases the likelihood multiple pregnancy. The effectiveness of the drug depends on the level of endogenous estrogens (with a low concentration of pituitary gonadotropic hormones, it is practically ineffective; with sufficient concentrations of endogenous estrogens, the effectiveness is high).

During the treatment period, regular monitoring by a gynecologist, evaluation of the “pupil” phenomenon, control of the ovaries, and evaluation of the results of a vaginal examination are required.

Clomiphene affects the management of vehicles.


Matches for ATX Level 4 code:KlostilbegitClomid

Analogs are drugs: Clomid, Klostilbegit, Pergotime, Serofen, Serpafar.

Reviews about Klomifen

According to reviews, Clomiphene effectively helps with anovulatory infertility, dysfunctional metrorrhagia, polycystic ovary syndrome, amenorrhea.

Clomiphene price where to buy

Buying in a Clomiphene pharmacy is quite difficult. Most often, such analogues of the drug are sold, for example, Klostilbegit. The price in Ukraine of this product is about 640-700 hryvnias, in Russia - 550-700 rubles.

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