Ostrum Evalar


The composition of this drug has the following components: Vitamin B4 (Choline), calcium pantothenate, vitamin b6, magnesium orotate, vitamin B12, ginkgo biloba extract, folic acid, calcium stearate.

Release form

Ostrum Evalar is produced in the form of capsules, in a plastic bottle contains 30 pieces.

It should be noted that choline compounds, which in the composition of the drug are 56%, have a specific smell that can manifest itself in this drug.

Pharmachologic effect

Ostrum Evalar can effectively improve cognitive abilities, improve memory and intellectual abilities. The composition of the product includes a special balanced composition of vitamins and minerals that have a positive effect on the human brain.

The drug activates blood circulation in the brain, thereby allowing to stimulate the processes of thinking, ingenuity, mental activity, as well as increase the number of brain cells that work as efficiently as possible.

Vitamin B4 (Choline Bitartrate) - a substance involved in the transport of a nerve impulse between brain cells. Its influence provides more active work of brain cells, which contributes to concentration of attention, memory, and active thinking. If there is a lack of choline in the body, then it is possible to develop disturbances in brain activity, memory impairment.

Magnesium Orotat in the body helps to relieve nervous tension, and also takes part in the energy processes that take place in the brain cells. As a result, the brain is more active. Under the influence of this substance, the resistance of brain cells to intoxication increases, regeneration processes are activated.

Vitamin B5 (Calcium Pantothenate)- A very important element for normal metabolism, is involved in the restoration processes of tissues and cells. The substance promotes the processing of choline into acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter that is important for the transmission of nerve impulses between cells in the brain.

Vitamin B6 - an important substance for metabolism and transport amino acidsimportant for the normal functioning of the brain. It is directly involved in the metabolism of unsaturated fatty acids, folic acid, vitamin B12, accelerates the metabolic process during hypoxia.

Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid) - An important element in the process of energy production, a kind of "food" for the brain. With a lack of folic acid in the body, the likelihood of developing nervous and mental disorders and a deterioration in intellectual activity increase.

Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) protects nerve tissue from damage, preserves the protective membrane of nerves. The substance is involved in the production of acetylcholine.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Due to the general influence of the components that are in the composition of the drug.

Indications for use

Ostrum Evalar is used as an active biological food supplement and provides the body with a sufficient amount flavonol glycosides, as well as a number of vitamins and minerals.

Recommended for use in order to improve brain activity.


You should not use this tool in case of manifestations of individual intolerance to its ingredients, as well as during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Side effects

Allergic reactions may occur during the administration of this drug.

Instructions for use (Method and dosage)

Adults should drink this drug 1 capsule once a day. It is advisable to use the drug during meals. The course of taking dietary supplements should last at least 30 days.

It is recommended that such courses be repeated at regular intervals, 3 or 4 times a year.

Such a frequency of intake courses allows to achieve the most optimal concentration of vitamins and minerals in the human body and enhance the effect of the drug.


There is no data on overdose.


Cases of clinically pronounced interaction with other drugs have not been established.

Terms of sale

You can purchase capsules without a prescription.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to protect the drug from children, it is necessary to store at a temperature not exceeding 25 ºС.

Shelf life

You can store the drug for 2 years.

Special instructions

This remedy is not a medicine, but it is recommended that you consult a doctor before starting a course of administration.


A similar effect on the body produce drugs Ginko Prim, Lucetam, Cerebral and etc.

However, you should not choose analogues yourself. The specialist should choose the optimal remedy, taking into account all the individual characteristics of the patient's condition.

For children

Ostrum Evalar is not used to treat children and adolescents under 18 years of age.

During pregnancy and lactation

Should not be taken by women during pregnancyas well as for the treatment of those who practice natural feeding.

Reviews about Ostrum Evalar

Reviews about Ostrum Evalar indicate that after a course of taking dietary supplements, users really noticeably improve memory, concentration and brain activity. In the reviews, it was noted that after taking the remedy, it was easier for a person to concentrate, think logically, and solve important problems.

As a positive, the natural composition of the additive is noted, relatively low cost. The positive effect of the drug on the general condition of the elderly, on those who regularly experience increased emotional stress, is mentioned.

Price, where to buy

The price of Ostrum Evalar averages 250 rubles per pack with 30 capsules.

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