Structure Lindinet 20 (1 tablet):

  • ethinyl estradiol - 0.02 mg;
  • gestodene - 0.075 mg;
  • sodium calcium edetate - 0.065 mg;
  • magnesium stearate - 0.2 mg;
  • colloidal silicon dioxide - 0.275 mg;
  • povidone - 1.7 mg;
  • corn starch - 15.5 mg;
  • lactose monohydrate - 37.165 mg.

Structure Lindinet 30 (1 tablet):

  • ethinyl estradiol - 0.03 mg;
  • gestoden - 0.075 mg;
  • sodium calcium edetate - 0.065 mg;
  • magnesium stearate - 0.2 mg;
  • colloidal silicon dioxide - 0.275 mg;
  • povidone - 1.7 mg;
  • corn starch - 15.5 mg;
  • lactose monohydrate - 37.165 mg.

Both pharmaceutical forms are supplied in tablet form, the shell of which has the following components:

  • sucrose - 19.66 mg;
  • calcium carbonate - 8.231 mg;
  • macrogol 6000 - 2.23 mg;
  • titanium dioxide - 0.46465 mg;
  • povidone - 0.171 mg;
  • yellow quinoline dye (D + C yellow No. 10 - E 104) - 0.00135 mg.

Release form

In pharmacy kiosks, the drug is presented in the form of round, biconvex tablets, which are coated with a light yellow shell on both sides. No inscription or designation. At the kink, a tablet is white or close to white with a light yellow rim of the shell.

Pharmachologic effect

Lindinet belongs to the group of monophasic combined oral birth control drugs based sex hormones, respectively, is mainly used for contraception. The main therapeutic effect of the drug is immediately associated with several mechanisms of action, including a decrease in the secretion of gonadotropic hormones pituitary gland, active inhibition of ovulatory processes and inhibition of follicular maturation in the ovaries.

First of all, it should be noted that ethinyl estradiol, one of the biological active constituents, is a synthetic analogue of follicular hormone estradiol, which, together with the hormones of the corpus luteum, is involved in the regulation of the menstrual cycle of women, significantly inhibiting it at certain stages.

Another active ingredient is gestodeneis gestagen 19-nortestosterone derivative and is a stronger and more selective version of natural progesteronesecreted by the corpus luteum. This component is used in ultra low amounts, due to which it does not realize its androgenic capabilities (the chemical basis for gestodene is the variation of the male sex hormone) and affects the carbohydrate and lipid metabolism of the body to the weakest extent.

In addition to the central mechanisms of action directly on sex hormones, the drug implements contraceptive properties indirectly through peripheral components. Under the influence of a pharmaceutical preparation, susceptibility decreases endometrium to blastocyst, which makes the process of implantation of the initial forms of the fetus practically impossible. The density and viscosity of the mucus localized in the cervix, which becomes largely impassable for sperm cells that make active movements towards the female egg, also increase.

Lindinet has not only contraceptive effects, a pharmaceutical drug promotes active prevention some gynecological diseases and not only. In particular, the possibility of functional ovarian cysts and ectopic pregnancy. The risk of occurrence is reduced. fibroadenomas in the mammary glands, stagnant inflammatory processes are almost nullified. The beneficial properties of the drug extend to skin integument, as their general condition improves and the degree of manifestation decreases acne (With regular use, dermatological defects disappear completely).

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The pharmacokinetic ability of gestodene

After oral administration, a rather quickly and almost completely active component is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, because its bioavailability is about 99%, and the maximum concentration of 2-4 ng / ml is observed after 1 hour.

In the bloodstream gestodene binds to albumin and specific globulin SHBG, only 1-2% of the amount of the active component remains in free form. The pharmacokinetics of gestodene largely depends on the level of SHBG and the concentration of estradiol, because the amount of selective carrier increases by 3 times under the influence of sex hormone. The constant intake of oral contraceptives also contributes to the active saturation of gestodene, with daily use, the concentration increases 3-4 times.

The active substance undergoes the main stages of biochemical transformation in the liver, after which it is excreted only in the form of metabolites with urine (60%) and feces (40%). The half-life of the active component is two-phase and takes about 1 day, since the average plasma clearance is from 0.8 to 1 ml / million / kg.

Pharmacokinetic abilities of ethinyl estradiol

The second active component has slightly lower absorption rates - due to presystemic conjugation and primary metabolism, the absolute bioavailability of the pharmacological component from the digestive tube is only 60%, and the maximum concentration of 30-80 pg / ml is reached after 1-2 hours.

On the distribution side, ethinyl estradiol, on the contrary, outperforms gestodene, because 98.5% of the active substance binds to non-specific albumin. The active component also induces an increase in the level of SHBG, which favorably affects the total effectiveness of oral contraceptive. A constant average level of ethinyl estradiol is established by 3-4 days after the start of the therapeutic course, and it is 20% higher than after a single dose of Lindinet tablets.

Biotransformation of the active substance occurs in the liver and is aromatic hydroxylation with the formation of methylated and hydroxylated metabolic products in free form or in the form of conjugates with sulfates or glucuronides. Metabolic clearance from blood plasma ranges from 5-13 ml.

Ethinyl estradiol is excreted only in the form of metabolic products with urine and bile in a ratio of 2: 3. The half-life, like gestodene, is two-phase and is about 1 day.

Indications for use

  • contraception;
  • functional disorders of the menstrual cycle.


  • individual hypersensitivity to a pharmaceutical preparation or its constituent components;
  • risk factors for arterial or venous thrombosis;
  • arterial hypertension moderate and severe;
  • transient ischemic attack or angina pectoris as a harbinger of thrombosis;
  • surgery with prolonged immobilization;
  • diabetes;
  • pancreatitis with a marked increase in blood triglycerides;
  • dyslipidemia;
  • severe liver disease (hepatitis, cholestatic jaundiceand etc);
  • cholelithiasis;
  • Gilbert syndrome, Dubin-Johnson syndrome, Rotor;
  • neoplasm localized in the liver;
  • otosclerosis or its history of a previous pregnancy or after taking glucocorticosteroids;
  • smokingover the age of 35;
  • hormone-dependent malignant tumorsgenitals and mammary glands;
  • vaginal bleeding of unknown origin;
  • the period of lactation and bearing a child.

Side effects

Adverse treatment effects requiring immediate cancellation pharmaceutical therapy:

  • By of cardio-vascular system: arterial hypertension, myocardial infarctionstroke, deep vein thrombosis of the lower extremities, pulmonary embolismvenous or arterial thromboembolism hepatic, mesenteric, retinal or renal vessels.
  • By sensory organs: hearing loss due to otosclerosis.
  • Other: porphyriahemolytic uremic syndrome, reactive exacerbations systemic lupus erythematosus, Sydenham Chorea.

Side effects, after the appearance of which the feasibility of further use of the drug is solved individually order:

  • By reproductive system: acyclic vaginal bleeding of unknown etiology, amenorrhea, colpocytological change in vaginal mucus, inflammatory diseases, vaginal candidiasis, pain, breast enlargement, galactorrhea.
  • By central nervous system: hearing loss, depression, migrainelability of mood.
  • Dermatological reactions: nodalor exudative erythema, incomprehensible rash, chloasma, increased alopecia.
  • By digestive system: epigastric pain, nausea and vomiting, Crohn's diseasenon-specific ulcerative colitis, jaundice and itching, which is due to it, cholelithiasis, liver adenoma, hepatitis.
  • By metabolic processes: fluid retention in the body, decreased tolerance to carbohydrates, increased levels of triglycerides or blood glucose, increased body weight.
  • Other allergic reactions.

Instructions for use Lindinet (Method and dosage)

Lindinet 20, application instruction

Birth control pills are used orally orally 1 time per day, without chewing and drinking plenty of water, regardless of the meal. If possible, tablets should be taken at the same time of the day for 21 days, then you need to take a break for 7 days, and then resume the use of contraceptives. That is, the next pill should be used 4 weeks after the start of the course on the same day of the week. During the break, uterine bleeding will be observed, which corresponds to menstruation in the normal cycle.

The course of conservative contraception should be started from the 1st to the 5th day of the menstrual cycle, if other oral contraceptives have not been used before. Otherwise, the first pill must be taken after taking the last dose of the previous pharmaceutical preparation containing hormones on the first day of bleeding after withdrawal.

Transition from progestogen-containing agents on Lindinet requires the use of an additional method of contraception in the first week. The date of the first administration of a new contraceptive should be consistent with the pharmaceutical form of the previous drug:

  • in the form of mini-tablets - on any day of the menstrual cycle;
  • in case of injections - on the eve of the last injection;
  • implant - the day after its removal.

Lindinet 30, instructions for use

Since this pharmaceutical form is an enhanced version of Lindinet 20 with a higher concentration of ethinyl estradiol, it is recommended that it be administered after abortionso that the restoration of the physiological hormonal background was much faster and less painful.

If the abortion was committed in 1st trimester of pregnancythen there’s nothing to worry about. Acceptance of oral contraceptives can begin immediately after gynecological manipulation and there is no need to use additional methods of contraception.

If abortion or childbirth occurred during 2nd trimester of pregnancy, then the reception of a pharmaceutical preparation can only begin on the 21-28th day after the obstetric operation. At a later start of the course of conservative protection in the first week, the barrier method of contraception should be used. If a full-fledged sexual intercourse took place before the start of taking the drug, then before taking contraceptives, you must make sure that there is no new pregnancy.

Oral contraceptive pill skip

If the next pill was missed, then the missing amount of the pharmaceutical product in the bloodstream must be replenished as soon as possible. With a delay that duration does not exceed 12 hours, the clinical effects of the contraceptive are not reduced and the need for additional protection by other methods of contraception by itself disappears. Subsequent tablets are taken as usual.

If a woman missed a pill and did not make up for her loss within 12 hours, then the pharmacological effectiveness of the drug is reduced, which requires special measures and precautions. First of all, as soon as possible, you should resume taking the drug and continue to carry it out as usual. During the week after skipping, it is recommended to use any other contraceptive methods.

This situation may become more complicated if less than 7 pieces left in the package with tablets. How to take in this case - start the next pack without observing the necessary weekly break, which is carried out only at the end of the second package with contraceptives. It should be noted that during the use of the 2nd pack, smearing or even breakthrough bleeding can be observed, which indirectly can indicate the presence of pregnancy. If hemorrhages at the end of the 2nd package have not stopped, then before continuing with contraception, you should consult a doctor and exclude the presence of a developing fetus in the womb.


Taking an excessive amount of a contraceptive is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • nausea;
  • vomiting
  • vaginal bleeding in small quantities.

There is no specific pharmaceutical antidote for the drug, therefore, symptomatic therapy of individual clinical manifestations of intoxication is used.


The contraceptive properties of a pharmaceutical are reduced when used with drugs such as Ampicillin, Tetracycline, Rifampicinbarbiturates Primidon, Carbamazepine, Phenylbutazone, Phenytoin, Griseofulvin, Topiramat, Oxcarbazepine.

Therefore, if it is necessary to share these drugs with Lindinet, it is necessary to use additional non-hormonal contraceptives within 7 days (it is recommended to visit an additional consultation with the attending physician and specify the period for certain). Spotting or eruptive bleeding, menstrual irregularities, or some other side effects are also possible.

In conditions increased peristalsis or diarrheathe time spent by the birth control drug in the lumen of the gastrointestinal tract is reduced, which significantly reduces the absorption properties of the hormonal contraceptive. Any drug that shortens the presence of Lindinet in the digestive tube leads to a decrease in the concentration of active constituent components in the blood, and, accordingly, to a decrease in their beneficial effect.

Drug interactions at the suction stage modeled on the combined use of a contraceptive with ascorbic acid, since biologically active substances are equally subjected to sulfation in the intestinal wall, which inhibits metabolic chains and increases the bioavailability of ethinyl estradiol.

Terms of sale

The purchase of a drug is permitted only on the receptor form.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to preserve the pharmaceutical preparation in a dry place, protected from direct sunlight, inaccessible to young children at a temperature regime not exceeding 25 degrees Celsius.

Shelf life

3 years

Special instructions

Pregnancy after using hormonal contraceptives

Oral hormonal contraceptives are a group of pharmaceuticals based on synthetic analogues of female sex hormones (estrogen and progesterone) that prevent the onset of ovulation, preventing the very possibility of fertilization. Of course, a large audience of women is convinced that using them for contraception is harmful, since a normal, physiological pregnancy after a medical change in the hormonal background is most likely not to occur. However, this is one of the myths about this group of drugs.

After stopping the use of hormonal contraceptives and at the end of the course of conservative contraception, the effects of the drugs gradually disappear. The peculiarity consists only in the fact that with pregnancy planning you should find out the exact timing of the optimal moment for fertilization in a antenatal clinic or from a personal gynecologist. After all, every time a woman drinks a pill for a headache, she does not worry about the health of a child not yet conceived, in this case the situation is almost identical.

When you can not be protected by barrier methods of contraception

Lindinet refers to a reliable hormonal contraceptive, which can be found from a special indicator of the number of pregnancies that occurred during the course of oral contraception in 100 women for 1 year. For a given pharmaceutical agent, it is only 0.05 if contraceptive is used correctly and only according to the regimen. However, the pharmacological effects of Lindinet do not develop immediately in full, but only by the 14th day from the start of taking the tablets, therefore in the first 2 weeks It is recommended to use barrier methods of contraception.

Lindinet 20 and Lindinet 30 - what's the difference?

A large number of visitors to pharmaceutical forums for women are asked the following series of questions: “Lindinet 20 and 30 - what is the difference?”, Are the drugs interchangeable, and finally, which is the best of the two forms of birth control. The difference in the forms of the same contraceptive lies in concentrationone of the active ingredients is ethinyl estradiol. In oral tablets, its level can be 0.02 mg and 0.03 mg, respectively, which in the biochemical plan really classifies them into different categories.

Lindinet 20 has a milder pharmacological effect and, to a lesser extent, enhances the selective SHBG carrier, which allows it to be used for contraception, however for therapeutic needsas a rule, a stronger form of the drug is required, therefore Lindinet 30 is used. What distinguishes the more concentrated form of the drug from the weaker tablets is not advertised, because sometimes, according to individual indications, Lindinet 30 should be used, which can be perceived by a woman as an unfair load of a hormonal drug.

It is categorically contraindicated to replace pharmaceutical forms of a drug on their own, because a qualified specialist who prescribes contraceptives or therapeutic agents relies on the results of clinical trials, their interpretation and many years of experience in their field, and not on an approximate idea of ​​the biomechanism of the female body. If you experience any side effects or other adverse effects, you should seek advice and resolve this issue individually.


Matches for ATX Level 4 code:OvidonRigevidoneNon-ovlonMercilonYarina PlusYarinaMinisiston 20 femNovinetMicrogynonJeanineCyclo-ProginovaRegulonLogestMidianaBelaraFemodenJes plusJessZoely

Among the pharmaceuticals similar to Lindinet, several groups of contraceptives should be distinguished:

  • Lindinet 20 analogues with identical ATX code and composition of active components: Logest, Model Tin, Femoden;
  • analogues with the coincidence of the ATX code of the 4th level: Angela, Vidora, Daila, Naadin, Novinet.

Lindinet 20 or Logest - which is better?

Like Lindinet, Logestbelongs to the group of combined oral hormonal contraceptives. The composition of the pharmaceutical preparation includes the same active ingredients in identical amounts, that is, 1 tablet of the contraceptive contains ethinyl estradiol 0.02 mg and gestoden 0.075 mg. The only significant difference between drugs is the country of production, and accordingly the price indicator.

Since Lindinet is produced in Hungary, its cost in pharmacy stalls is much lower than that of a drug produced jointly by French and German pharmacists, but this in no way indicates the effectiveness of the first, therefore, the choice of a contraceptive should be assigned to a qualified specialist, because he based on individual indicators of hormonal balance and some other medical aspects.

Which is better: Novinet or Lindinet 20?

Novinet- monophasic oral contraceptive, which in addition to ethinyl estradiol has a synthetic progestogen in its composition desogestrel, which slightly changes the mechanism of action of the contraceptive. Like all artificial pharmaceutical components of this nature, desogestrel has a high affinity for progesterone receptors located in the hypothalamic-pituitary region, on which its effects are based. In fairly small quantities, it is able to “turn on” the negative feedback mechanism, resulting in a sharp inhibition of the release and production of gonadotropins and complete blocking of ovulation.

Since Novinet includes such a potent pharmaceutical component as one of the active ingredients, accordingly, its price is almost two times higher than that of Lindinet. However, with certain individual indications or contraindications, a woman does not have the opportunity to use a cheaper contraceptive, which allows her to include Novinet in a conservative course of contraception.

Alcohol and Lindinet

Biochemical studies have shown that small amounts of alcohol do not affect the effectiveness of oral contraception. Up to 3 glasses of wine or 50 grams of cognac are considered moderate dosages of alcoholic beverages, but no more, since an increase in the amount of alcohol in the blood increases the risk of a possible pregnancy.

Reviews about Lindinet

Reviews about Lindinet 20 can be found in women's clinics, on pharmaceutical or other thematic forums, and almost everywhere hormonal contraceptive pills get good responses, because oral contraceptives really help to solve this issue. Of course, some women complain that the weight increases unreasonably if you follow the dosage regimen and the right dosages of the contraceptive, but side effects are not common, especially since the hormonal background is one of the most unstable balance of the body.

Birth control pills, in addition to their main purpose, are also used as a therapeutic agent for functional disorders of the menstrual cycle and some other gynecological pathologies, and even cope with this task perfectly. Reviews about Lindinet 30 on the forums fully confirm the advisability of conservative treatment with this form of the pharmaceutical drug, because the dosage of active ingredients in it is slightly higher.

The doctors' comments on Lindinet 20, as well as for a more concentrated form of the drug, are an advantage of a positive nature, because thanks to a carefully developed pharmaceutical formula and oral contraceptive regimen, you can easily achieve the desired effects for a long time. Of course, qualified specialists are overshadowed by the fact that women allow themselves to replace the forms, and at times the dosage, of the drug, based on the fact that side effects are observed, but this does not always lead to catastrophic consequences.

However, pharmacists and gynecologists with experience recommend in advance to seek additional consultation if side effects began to be disturbed during the conservative course of taking Lindinet 20 or 30 or any other types of discomfort that arise during medical treatment.

Lindinet's price, where to buy

The price of Lindinet 20 in pharmacies in the Russian Federation is an average of 300-350 rubles. How much is a stronger form of the pharmaceutical preparation should be found individually, as it is prescribed an order of magnitude less often.

The cost of Lindinet 20 in pharmacies of Ukraine ranges from 150 to 200 hryvnias, and the price of Lindinet 30 starts from an amount of 170 hryvnias.

  • Online Pharmacies in Russia
  • Online pharmacies in UkraineUkraine
  • Online pharmacies in Kazakhstan


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  • Lindinet 30 tab. PO n21OAO Gideon Rich469 rub.order

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  • Lindinet 20 (tab. No. 21) 437 rub.
  • Lindinet 30 (tab. No. 21) 449 rubles to order

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  • Lindinet 20 n63 tabOAO Gedeon Richter 1290 rub.order
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  • Lindinet 20 No. 21 tablets Gedeon Richter (Hungary) 2 tenge
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