Diet cocktail Turboslim


The Turboslim diet cocktail contains the following ingredients: whey protein concentrate, apple pectin, chromium picolinate, inulin, fructose, strawberry berry powder.

The product does not contain soy and artificial additives.

Release form

Turboslim diet cocktail is produced in the form of a powder, which is contained in a sachet. In the package of 5 such sachets of 24 g.

Pharmachologic effect

This product is a dietary protein shake that contains strawberries and is designed to actively get rid of excess weight.

The mechanism of action of this product on the body is to stimulate the rapid breakdown of proteins to amino acids, as a result of which the latter are actively involved in metabolic processes and accelerate the burning of excess fat. As a result, there is a loss of fat mass, while the muscles are retained due to the nutrition of proteins.

Thanks to the use of a cocktail, you can reduce the total daily caloric intake of the diet, while not feeling painful hunger and exhaustion.

The influence of a cocktail is determined by its components.

Whey protein easy to digest, prevents the occurrence of severe hunger. Its effect is felt for a short time after the intake of protein in the body. Protein helps maintain muscle tone.

Garcinia Extractallows you to control appetite, improves the digestive system, provides weight loss through fat burning.

Pectinand inulinthey are soluble dietary fibers that provide normalization of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, improve the intestinal microflora, and contribute to the activation of the process of getting rid of toxins and toxins.

Under the influence chromiumappetite decreases, cravings for sweet foods decrease, blood sugar levels normalize.

One cocktail contains 45.2 kcal, but at the same time provides a feeling of satiety.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

There is no description.

Indications for use

Turboslim diet cocktail is indicated for use by people seeking to reduce body weight. It allows you to reduce the daily calorie intake.

A drink can replace one meal, its use is advisable on fasting days. If you take it before breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can reduce the amount of food consumed.


It is not allowed to drink the cocktail by people who do not tolerate certain components facilities.

Can not be consumed pregnant and nursing mothers. You should consult a specialist before taking the product.

Side effects

May develop allergic reactions.

Instructions for Turboslim cocktail (Method and dosage)

To prepare this drink, you need to gradually dissolve the contents of one sachet in one glass of liquid. It can be water, skim milk, juice.

Adults should take one glass of drink per day. You can combine with a diet or replace a cocktail with one of the meals.


There is no data on overdose of the product.


There is no data on interaction with other means. The use of any medications or dietary supplements must be told to a specialist.

Terms of sale

Turboslim cocktail can be purchased without a prescription.

Storage conditions

Store sachets with a cocktail at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C.

Shelf life

Shelf life 2 years. You can not prepare and drink cocktails after the expiration date.

Special instructions

Keep the product out of the reach of children.

This product is not a medicine.


Users are offered a number of varieties of dietary supplements Turboslim. To choose the most suitable supplements individually, a specialist can.

For children

This drink is not recommended for children and adolescents.

For weight loss

This product is used in order to establish the digestion process, stimulate the cleansing of the body, thereby contributing to weight loss.

The tool is in addition to a balanced diet and the most pronounced effect during its use is noted if a person practices physical activity.

During pregnancy and lactation

At pregnancyas well as during breastfeeding this product should not be consumed.

Reviews on Turboslim Diet Cocktail

Reviews about Turboslim cocktail are often left by those who took it in combination with diet food. In this case, it is noted that this product made it possible to lose weight more effectively, since after its use there was no pronounced hunger.

It is noted that the drink has a pleasant taste, it is easy to replace one meal with it. But if you just apply a cocktail, while not changing your eating habits, then expressed results are not observed, users say.

Price Turboslim diet cocktail, where to buy

On average, the price of a bar Turboslim is from 310 rubles per pack of 5 pcs.

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