Ointment contains 10 g of active ingredient methyluracil (dioxomethyltetrahydropyrimidine), as well as additional substances: petrolatum and lanolin.

1 candle contains 0.5 g of active ingredient, as well as a special base for suppositories.

1 tablet contains 0.5 g of active ingredient.

Also, this active ingredient is a component of many other drugs. For example, chloramphenicol + methyluracil contained in popular ointment Levomekol.

Release form

The medication is available in the form of ointments, suppositories and in tablet dosage form. The active substance is also found in many drugs, for example, in a medicine Hyposolaerosol or agent Meturacol in the form of a special sponge.

Pharmachologic effect

Regeneration stimulator.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The active component is dioxomethyltetrahydropyrimidine. The drug has anabolic activity, anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating, leukopoietic, hematopoietic effects. Methyluracil speeds up the process epithelizationand granulation maturation and tissue growth. The drug stimulates leukopoiesis, erythropoiesis, humoral and cellular immune factors. The drug has a positive effect on the rapidly proliferating cells located in the mucous membranes of the digestive system. Methyluracil ointment exerts photoprotective effect. A sponge soaked with a medicinal product, when applied to the wound surface, absorbs the discharge from the wound, gradually swells and lyses, releasing the active substance.

Indications for use

Consider a remedy for what is used.

Methyluracil tablets are prescribed for mild forms leukopeniaarising from radiation therapy, radiotherapychemotherapy for malignant neoplasms. The drug is used for thrombocytopenia, anemia, alimentary toxic aleukia, agranulocytic tonsillitis, with radiation sicknessbenzene intoxication. The medication is prescribed during convalescence after severe infectious diseases.

Methyluracil suppositories are used for ulcerative colitis, sigmoiditis, proctite.

The drug is effective for hepatitis, burn disease, with sluggish wounds, pancreatitis, bone fractures, peptic ulcer of the digestive system.

In gynecology, methyluracil is prescribed for cervical erosion, colpitis, nonspecific vulvitis, after diathermocoagulation of the cervix, after hysterectomy.

What is methyluracil ointment used for? For the healing of various kinds of cracks, wounds, scars.


The following contraindications are available: leukemia (myeloid, leukemic forms), intolerance to the active substance, malignant neoplasms of the bone marrow, hemoblastosis, lymphogranulomatosis. Local application with granulation redundancy is unacceptable.

Side effects

Methyluracil tablets may cause heartburndizziness, headaches, allergic reactions. With local application, a slight burning sensation is noted, an allergic response is possible. When tightening and drying the sponge with methyluracil, it is recommended to moisten it with a solution procaine (0.25%) either furatsillina.

Instructions for use Methyluracil (Method and dosage)

Methyluracil tablets, instructions for use

After eating 4 times a day, 500 mg. The multiplicity of taking the drug Methyluracil can be increased up to 6 times if necessary. The duration of therapy for pathology of the digestive system is 30-40 days.

Suppositories Methyluracil, instructions for use

Candles are also used successfully in gynecology, although initially only rectal administration was supposed. The medicine is injected into the vagina and rectum in the following doses.

3-4 times a day for 0.5-1 grams. Children 3-8 years old are prescribed ½ suppository with methyluracil. The duration of therapy is up to 4 months.

Ointment Methyluracil, instructions for use

Before applying the ointment, the damaged surface should be treated with an antiseptic, remove necrotic masses and pus.

The tool must be applied daily to the wound surface in an amount up to 10 grams, usually twice a day.

Sponge with methyluracil (Meturakol), instructions for use

Before using the sponge, it is removed from the special packaging and applied to the wound so that it fits as close as possible to the walls and the bottom of the wound surface, and its edges extend 1.5 cm beyond the wound. From above methyluracil sponge impose a fixing bandage. It is recommended to pre-clean the wound surface, remove necrotic masses and treat with an antiseptic solution. If there is a purulent discharge on the wound surface, the sponge is additionally moistened in an antiseptic solution (for example, dioxidine, furatsillin). Dressings vary depending on the area and depth of the lesion, the presence and amount of necrotic masses, the intensity of the discharge exudate. The sponge is fully licked in 2-3 days. If there is no indication for dressing (lack of pain, allergic response, purulent exudate, burning sensation) and the sponge has not resolved, then it is left until the wound heals completely.

Methyluracil in the form of an aerosol (Hyposol), instructions for use

Aerosol is applied to the affected area. Shake the bottle 10-15 times before spraying, then remove the safety cap, put a special nozzle on the valve stem and gently spray it onto the wound surface. In 1 second, approximately 7 ml of methyluracil in the form of foam is released from the balloon. In gynecological practice, an aerosol is applied within 1-2 seconds.

At cervical erosion the drug is used 2 times a day, with colpitis and vulvitis - 1-2 times a day. The duration of therapy is 8-30 days. To remove mucus before introduction into the vagina, it is recommended to douch with sodium bicarbonate solutions, chlorhexidine bigluconate, nitrofural, string and chamomile.

With proctosigmoiditis and proctitis, before the procedure, it is necessary to make a cleansing enema with a decoction of calendula or chamomile.

With periodontitis and other diseases of the oral cavity, the affected area is covered with foam 3-5 times for 10-15 minutes. The duration of treatment is 1-2 weeks.

In the treatment of burns, it is recommended that you first clean the wound surface of necrotic masses, pus, exudate. The duration of treatment depends on the speed of healing and epithelialization of wounds.

Small wounds are treated with sterile wipes treated with methyluracil.

The cylinder head is changed after each use. Processing the nozzle is carried out by boiling for 5 minutes or by thorough washing with boiled water.

Instructions for ointment Methyluracil with miramistin

Contains an antiseptic. Ointment Methyluracil with miramistin is applied to gauze, carefully applied to the damaged area and fixed with a bandage. Usually do one such treatment per day.


There are no cases recorded. With proper use, an overdose is not possible.


With simultaneous therapy with systemic antibacterial drugs, a synergistic effect is noted.

During pregnancy

You can use the tool if, according to the doctor, the positive effect of the use is higher than the possible harm to the fetus.


Matches for ATX Level 4 code: Carotolin D-Panthenol Vulnuzan Panthenol Kalanchoe juice Aloe liniment Levomekol Propolis tincture Aekol Pantestin-Darnitsa Dexpanthenol Contractubex Pantoderm Bepanten

There are no structural analogues. Similar drugs have the following effects: Anaferon, Wobenzym, Immunorm, Imudon, Engistol, Florexil, Immunex, Uro-Wax, Galavit, Glutoxim, Cycloferon.

Reviews about Methyluracil

They testify to the high effectiveness of the drug, subject to the recommendations.

Reviews about the ointment Methyluracil

Effectively and efficiently helps for skin regeneration, healing of scars, cracks, wounds. A lot of positive opinions about ointments.

Reviews about Methyluracil in Tablets

Accelerate the healing of various kinds of injuries during injuries, scar tightening. Contribute to the treatment of acne on the skin.

Reviews about Methyluracil in the candlelight

Qualitatively help candles with hemorrhoids, anal fissures. Really effective, when not burning, odorless, convenient to use.

Methyluracil Price

The price of methyluracil ointment is 60 rubles. In Ukraine - 35 hryvnia.

The price of methyluracil in tablets is 50 pcs. - 170-240 rubles. In Ukraine, 100 tablets can be bought for 18-20 hryvnia.

The price of methyluracil in the candlelight is 80 rubles for 10 pieces, in Ukraine 15-20 UAH.

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