The solution contains the active component octreotidepresented as free peptide. Auxiliary components: sodium chloride and water for and.

Octreotide Depot includes: the active substance is Octreotide, auxiliary components: a copolymer of DL-lactic and glycolic acids, D-mannitol, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, polysorbate-80, beckoning and water for injection.

Octreotide Long consists of active substance octreotide acetate and additional components: DL-lactic and glycolic acid copolymer, D-mannitol, sodium carmellose, polysorbate-80.

Release form

The medicine is available in the form of a solution for injection, placed in 1 ml ampoules or 5 ml vials.

Octreotide Depot and Octreotide Long are available in the form of lyophilized powder or compacted and porous mass in the form of a light colored tablet of various dosages. Additionally, a colorless transparent solvent and reconstituted suspension, which is a homogeneous suspension of a light shade, are attached.

Also, these medicinal variations can be offered in the form of a lyophilisate for the preparation of a suspension intended for intramuscular administration with a prolonged action of 0.01-0.03 g of the active component in dark glass vials. In addition, a 2 ml solvent ampoule, disposable syringe, sterile needles and alcohol swabs are included in the package. One set is for one injections.

Pharmachologic effect

The drug has somatostatin-like action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

This drug is a synthetic analogue. somatostatinhaving similar pharmacological effects, but longer duration.

Octreotide treatment is performed when it is necessary to suppress the secretion of growth hormone, increased pathologically or caused by arginine, insulin hypoglycemia or physical activity. The result is shrinking secretion of insulin, gastrin, glucagon and serotonin, which can also be increased pathologically or caused by meals. Secretion suppression noted insulinand glucagonwhich stimulates argininedecreased secretion thyrotropincaused by thyroliberin.

Using the drug before or during pancreatic surgery can reduce the incidence of characteristic postoperative complications, for example: pancreatic fistula, sepsis, abscesses, acute postoperative pancreatitis.

Therapy of bleeding from varicose veins in the gastrointestinal tract in patients suffering from cirrhosis of the liver in combination with a specific treatment - sclerosing and hemostatic, helps to effectively stop bleeding and prevent repeated bleeding.

Inside the body there is a quick and complete absorption of the active substance. In this case, the maximum concentration of Octreotide in the blood plasma is reached after 30 minutes. The component binds to plasma proteins by 65%, but its connection with the formed elements of the blood is very insignificant. Withdrawal of the drug occurs in several phases through the intestine and with the help of the kidneys.

Indications for use

Octreotide-based drugs are prescribed for:

  • acromegalyif inefficiency noted dopamine agonists, and also if it is impossible to perform surgical or radiation therapy;
  • endocrine tumors gastroenteropancreatic system;
  • glucagonomas, gastrinomas;
  • insulomas, somatoliberinomas;
  • refractory diarrhea in patients with AIDS;
  • pancreatic operations, including the prevention of complications;
  • bleeding, prevention of relapse in cases of varicose veins of the esophagus with cirrhosis of the liver and so on.


The main contraindication to the use of this drug is hypersensitivity.

Caution is required when treating patients. cholelithiasis, diabetes, at lactation and pregnancy.

Side effects

When treating with Octreotide, disturbances in the functioning of the digestive tract can occur in the form of: vomiting, nausea, anorexiapain flatulence, diarrhea, fromtheorrhea, intestinal obstruction, acute hepatitis without cholestasis, increased activity of hepatic transaminases, hyperbilirubinemia, acute pancreatitis and others.

May also develop alopecia and allergic reactions. Local manifestations are not excluded: soreness, itching, burning, redness or swelling. Long-term use is often accompanied by the formation of gallstones, decreased glucose tolerance, and persistent hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia.

Octreotide, instructions for use (Method and dosage)

The drug Octreotide is intended for intravenous, intramuscular or subcutaneous administration. The dosage is set individually, taking into account the nature of the disease and the characteristics of the patient. For example, acromegaly and tumors of the gastroenteropancreatic system require a subcutaneous injection of 1-2 times 50-100 micrograms daily. Carrying out the prevention of complications as a result of operations on the pancreas implies subcutaneous administration of the first dose an hour before laparotomy, then it is administered daily 3 times in 100 micrograms per week. When it is required to stop bleeding from varicose veins of the gastrointestinal tract, continuous intravenous infusions of 25 μg / h are administered for at least 5 days.

Instructions for use Octreotide Depot and Octreotide Long FS reports that they are intended for deep intramuscular injection into the gluteal muscle. When the subcutaneous administration of Octreotide in patients allows adequate control of the manifestation of the disease, the initial dose of Depo and Long is prescribed at 20 mg every 4 weeks for 3 months. Then the dosage is adjusted depending on the biological markers of the disease and clinical symptoms.

If previously patients did not receive Octreotide subcutaneously, then therapy with this agent and method should be started for 2 weeks. This approach will assess its effectiveness and tolerability, after which you can perform treatment with Octreotide-Depot or Long.


In case of an overdose of Octreotide or Octreotide-Long, the following may occur: short-term decrease in heart rate, abdominal pain spastic nature nauseaflushing of the face, diarrhea. In this case, symptomatic treatment is performed.

Cases of an overdose of Octreotide-Depot have not been described in clinical practice.


Concomitant use of the drug with Cyclosporinelowers its level in serum, slows down absorption cimetidine and useful components from the digestive tract. If octreotide is prescribed together with insulinoral hypoglycemic drugs, beta blockers, BKK and diuretics, it is necessary to make adjustments to their dosage. Concomitant use with Bromocriptine may increase its bioavailability.

It was found that this drug reduces the metabolic clearance of substances that are metabolized by cytochrome P450 enzymes caused by suppression of growth hormone. Therefore, when prescribing such drugs, caution should be exercised.

Terms of sale

Each form of the drug is strictly prescription.

Storage conditions

To store these drugs, it is necessary to provide a dry, dark place with a temperature of 2-8 degrees, well protected from children.

Shelf life

Lyophilisate and solvent can be used for 3 years.

Forms Depot and Long remain valid - 2 years. The finished product remains effective for no longer than 6 hours.

Analogs of Octreotide

Matches for ATX Level 4 code:SomatulinSandostatin

In pharmacology, numerous analogues of Octreotide are found, the main of them is Sandostatin.

A similar effect is possessed by: Somatostatin, Diferelin and Sermorelin.


As you know, alcohol can inhibit synthesis hormones, therefore, its use with any form of Octreotide is contraindicated.

Reviews on Octreotide

It should be noted that online discussions regarding the use of this drug and its effectiveness are not common. Typically, users ask questions to specialists in which they are interested in how effective the therapy of a disorder is.

However, in clinical practice, the Depot form is predominantly used. At the same time, reviews on Octreotide Depot show that it is used for pancreatitis, as well as acute and chronic forms of this disorder. Of course, this remedy is prescribed only by a specialist and it should be expected that treatment will be carried out for at least a week.

Price Octreotide, where to buy

Buy in Moscow Octreotide Long FS 10 mg in the form of a microsphere for the preparation of a medicinal suspension intended for intramuscular administration can be in the range of 30-32 thousand rubles.

Price Octreotide Depot 20 mg is 46-48 thousand rubles.

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