The composition of the drug Sermion differs slightly depending on the amount of active substance in the composition and on the form of release of the drug.

  • Active substance: 5 mg of nicergoline.
    Excipients: 100 mg calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate, 1.3 mg sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, 1.3 mg magnesium stearate, 22.4 mg MCC.
    Sugar coating tablets: 10.9 mg talcum powder, 33.35 mg sucrose, 1 mg sandarak resin, 0.7 mg magnesium carbonate, 0.06 mg of carnauba wax, 0.6 mg of rosin, 2.7 mg of acacia resin, 0.7 mg of titanium dioxide (E171), 0.05 mg of yellow sunset (E110).
  • Active substance: 10 mg of nicergoline.
    Excipients: 94.3 mg calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate, 1.3 mg sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, 2 mg magnesium stearate, 22.4 mg MCC.
    Sugar coating of tablets: 10.9 mg talc, 33.35 mg sucrose, 1 mg sandarac resin, 0.7 mg magnesium carbonate, 0.06 mg carnauba wax, 0.6 mg rosin, 2.7 mg acacia resin, 0.7 mg titanium dioxide (E171).
  • Active substance: 30 mg of nicergoline.
    Excipients: 72.69 mg calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate, 1.3 mg sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, 3.61 mg magnesium stearate, 22.4 mg MCC.
    Film coating tablets: 0.7246 mg titanium dioxide (E171), 0.0145 mg silicone, 0.2899 mg polyethylene glycols 6002,8985mg hypromellose, 0.0725 mg yellow iron oxide (E172).
  • Lyophilisate in the form of a powder or white porous mass for the preparation of injection solutions. A solvent is also applied - a colorless transparent liquid.
    Active substance: 4 ml of nicergoline.
    Excipients: tartaric acid and lactose monohydrate.
    Solvent Composition: benzalkonium chloride, sodium chloridewater for injection (up to 4 ml).

Release form

  • 5 mg tablets: convex round tablets with an orange shell in blisters of 15 pcs. A cardboard pack contains 2 blisters.
  • 10 mg tablets: convex round tablets with a white shell in blisters of 25 pcs. A cardboard pack contains 2 blisters.
  • 30mg tablets: biconvex round tablets with a yellow shell in blisters of 15 pcs. A cardboard pack contains 2 blisters.
  • Lyophilisate for the preparation of injection solutions is contained in colorless glass vials. Also included are ampoules with solvent. One cardboard pack contains 4 vials of lyophilisate and 4 ampoules with a solvent.

Pharmachologic effect

The medicine improves peripheral and cerebral circulation, as well as alpha-blocker. The main active ingredient of the drug (nicergoline) is a derivative ergoline and improves hemodynamic and metabolic processesflowing in the brain.

The drug reduces platelet aggregation, and also improves blood rheologyIn addition, it accelerates blood flow in the lower and upper extremities. Improved blood flow due to alpha1-blocking effect.

Sermion directly affects cerebral neurotransmitter systems - dopaminergic, noradrenergic and acetylcholinergicthat favorably affects cognitive processes. With prolonged use of the drug in patients, a decrease in the severity of behavioral disorders associated with dementia was observed, and the cognitive function of the body improved.

Indications for use Sermion

The drug is indicated for:

  • chronic and acute cerebral vascular and metabolic disorders (resulting from arterial hypertension, atherosclerosis, embolism or vascular thrombosis brainincluding vascular dementiaacute transient circulatory disturbance of the brain, as well as a headache that is caused by vasospasm);
  • chronic and acute vascular and metabolic disorders (functional and organic limb arteriopathysyndromes that are manifested as a result of a violation of peripheral blood flow, as well as Raynaud's disease);
  • as an additional tool during treatment hypertensive crisis.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Suction (for tablets)

Once in the human body, nicergoline Absorbed very quickly and almost without residue. The speed and degree of absorption of nicergoline practically does not depend on either the dosage form or food intake. When applying a dosage of up to 60 mg, the pharmacokinetics of nicergoline is linear in nature, without changing depending on the age of the drug.

Distribution and metabolism

The substance nicergoline binds to more than 90% with proteins plasma, while the degree of its affinity for serum albumin less than glycoprotein α-acid. Nicergoline, as well as its metabolites, can spread in blood cells.

The main products of the metabolism of nicergoline are: 6-methyl-8β-hydroxymethyl-10α-methoxyergoline (MDL, the result of demethylation under the action of the isoenzyme CYP2D6) and 1,6-dimethyl-8β-hydroxymethyl-10α-methoxyergoline (MMDL, a product formed as a result of hydrolysis).

With the intravenous administration of nicergoline or its ingestion, the ratio of the AUC values ​​for MDL and MMDL indicates an obvious metabolism during the "first passage" through the liver. When taking 30 mg of the drug Cmax MMDL (21 ± 14 ng / ml) and MDL (41 ± 14 ng / ml) were achieved after 1 and 4 hours, respectively, after which the concentration of MDL decreased with a half-life of 13-20 hours. Also, during the studies, the absence of accumulation of other metabolites in the blood (including MMDL) was confirmed.


The substance nicergoline is excreted in the form of metabolites mostly with urine (about 80%), as well as with feces (about 10-20% of the total dose).

Pharmacokinetics, manifested in special clinical cases

Those patients who suffered from renal failure severe, excreted metabolic products with urine significantly less than patients who had normal kidney function.


The drug is contraindicated in:

  • violation of orthostatic regulation;
  • recently rescheduled myocardial infarction;
  • pronounced bradycardia;
  • acute bleeding;
  • hypersensitivity to those substances that are contained in the composition of the drug.

The drug should be taken with caution if a history is observed gout or hyperuricemia and / or if the drug has to be combined with drugs that interfere with uric acid excretion and / or metabolism.

In addition to the above, the indications for the use of Sermion in tablets have additional restrictions:

  • the age of the patient is under 18 years;
  • periods of pregnancy and lactation;
  • deficiency of isomaltase / sucrose in the body, glucose-galactose malabsorption, and fructose intolerance.

Side effects

For the nervous system: insomnia or drowsiness is rare.

For the cardiovascular system: a pronounced decrease in blood pressure (especially with parenteral administration of the drug), fever, dizziness is occasionally manifested.

For metabolism: an increase in the concentration of uric acid in the blood may occur. This effect does not depend on the dosage or duration of treatment.

Other side effects: rarely skin rashes and dyspeptic phenomena.

As a rule, side effects of the drug are mild.

Instructions for use Sermion (Method and dosage)

Sermion Pills

The drug is administered orally.

In post-stroke conditions, cognitive vascular disorders and chronic circulatory disorders of the brain Sermion tablets should be taken three times a day for 10 mg. The minimum course of treatment is 3 months, since the therapeutic effect of the use of the drug is manifested gradually.

With vascular dementia Sermion medicine should be taken twice a day for 30 mg. It is recommended that you consult with your doctor every 6 months regarding the advisability of continuing the course of treatment.

With ischemic stroke caused by thrombosis, atherosclerosis and embolism of cerebral vessels, acute, as well as transient disorders of the blood circulation of the brain (with hypertensive cerebral crises and transistor ischemic attacks) the course of treatment is best started with parenteral administration of the drug Nicergoline, then take Sermion inside.

In cases of peripheral circulation the medicine should be taken three times a day, 10 mg at a time for a long time (several months).
Patients with impaired renal function (serum creatinine level exceeds 2 mg / dl) should take Sermion at a lower therapeutic dosage.

Instructions for use lyophilisate Sermion

Intramuscularly: 2-4 ml of the drug is administered twice a day (2-4 mg).

Intravenously: the drug is administered slowly at a dosage of 4-8 mg in 100 ml of 5-10% dextrose solution or 0.9% sodium chloride solution. At this dosage, injections with the drug can be made up to several times a day.

Intraarterially: within 2 minutes, 4 mg of the drug is injected into 10 ml of a 0.9% sodium chloride solution.

It is recommended to use the reconstituted solution immediately after its preparation.

The duration of therapy, dosage, as well as the method of introducing the drug into the body depend on the disease. Sometimes it is better to start treatment with parenteral administration of the drug, and then go on oral administration for the purpose of supporting treatment.

Patients with impaired renal function (serum creatinine level exceeds 2 mg / dl) Sermion should be taken at a lower therapeutic dosage.


A symptom of an overdose of the drug is a pronounced transient decrease in blood pressure.

As a rule, special treatment in cases of overdose by Sermion is not required, just lie down for a few minutes. It is extremely rare that a violation of the blood supply to the heart and brain can occur. In this case, it is recommended to introduce sympathomimetic drugs, constantly monitoring blood pressure.


Taking Sermion along with anticholinolytic and antihypertensive agents, the effect of the latter can be enhanced.

If you take the drug at the same time cholesterol or nonabsorbable antacids, then the absorption of Sermion is slower.

The metabolism of the drug is made with the direct participation of the CYP 2D6 enzyme, therefore, it may interact with other drugs that are also biotransformed with the help of this enzyme (Risperidone, Rinidine, as well as other antipsychotics).

Terms of sale

The drug is available for purchase in pharmacies only with a prescription.

Storage conditions

Keep out of the reach of children at temperatures not exceeding 25 ° C.

Shelf life

3 years.

Special instructions

Usually, Sermion, taken in therapeutic doses, does not affect blood pressure. However, those patients who have hypertension may experience a gradual decrease in blood pressure caused by the action of the drug.

If the drug is administered parenterally, it is recommended that patients lie down for several minutes immediately after the injection, because the appearance of arterial hypotension. This is especially true for those patients who have just started a course of treatment with the drug.

The action of the drug manifests itself gradually, so Sermion must be taken for a long time. During the entire course of treatment, the doctor should periodically evaluate the effect of treatment, as well as the advisability of continuing treatment in the future.

The impact on the ability to control mechanisms and driving has not been studied. Therefore, despite the property of the drug to improve concentration, patients are advised to exercise extreme caution when driving or operating machinery, especially given the nature inherent in the underlying disease.

Analogs of Sermion

Matches for ATX Level 4 code:NiceriumNicergolineVazobral
  • Sergolin
  • Nicergoline
  • Nicerium

It is worth noting that the price of analogues is much lower.

During pregnancy and lactation

Studies of the drug Sermion with of pregnancy have not been performed, therefore, it should be taken only under the supervision of a doctor according to strict indications for use.

While taking this medicine, you should refrain from breastfeeding children, since nicergolineand products that result from metabolismare excreted together with breast milk.

Reviews about Sermione

In the network you can find a lot of reviews about the drug Sermion, while almost all of them are positive. Patients taking the drug talk about its high effectiveness. Their pressure was normalized, the number of migraine attacks gradually decreased, and the head also ceased to hurt. Many reviews of Sermion contain messages from patients about increased concentration and improvement cognitive function organism.

The forum also contains warnings from patients taking the pill that this medicine should be taken for a long time, since it only begins to act as it accumulates in the body. In this regard, there were few patient reviews about Sermion in a negative context - taking the drug, without waiting for the effect, they abandoned the course of treatment.

There are also warnings that this drug is not suitable for children. It can not be taken for those children and adolescents whose age has not reached 18 years.

Price Sermion where to buy

Depending on the margin of pharmacies and the form of release of the drug, the price of Sermion tablets can vary greatly:

  • 5 mg tablets cost from 274 to 419 rubles for 30 pieces per pack (in Donetsk, the cost of the drug starts from 79 UAH);
  • 10mg tablets can be found from 378 to 515 rubles per pack, which contains 50 tablets;
  • cost 30mg tablets ranges from 556 rubles per pack of 30 pieces to 776 rubles;
  • price Sermion in ampoules - from 698 to 828 rubles per pack.
  • Online Pharmacies in Russia
  • Online pharmacies in UkraineUkraine
  • Online pharmacies in Kazakhstan


  • Sermion Tab. po about 5mg n30Phizer Italia S.r.l.645 rub.

Pharmacy Dialog

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  • Sermion (amp. 4mg No. 4 + rr) 2390 rubles.order
  • Sermion (tab. 30mg No. 30) 859 rub.order

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  • Sermion 30 mg n30 tabletPfizer Italy S.R.L. 1220 rub.order
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