Vitrum Forayz


The following substances are part of the Vitrum Forayz preparation: beta carotene, zinc, vitamin C, copper, lutein, vitamin e, zeaxanthin.

Auxiliary components: anhydrous colloidal silicon dioxide, dyes (Е101, Е110, Е171), magnesium stearate, hypromellose, calcium sulfate, stearic acid, propylene glycol, microcrystalline cellulose.

Release form

Oval convex tablets are coated with a yellow shell. Available in plastic bottles of 30 or 60 pcs.

Pharmachologic effect

The drug provides the body with the necessary minerals and vitamins, prevents the appearance of eye diseases and age-related visual impairment.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Combination minerals, vitamins, zeaxanthin and luteinprovides the preventive effect of the drug. The vitamins that make up its composition have an antioxidant effect, they protect the eyes from the negative effects of peroxide compounds and free radicals. Due to this, the risk of the occurrence and progression of eye diseases (such as cataract and other age-related disorders) is significantly reduced. The work of the nervous and cardiovascular systems improves, the risk of development decreases oncological diseases, atherosclerosiscerebral blood flow disorders.

In the body beta carotene turns into vitamin Awhich is necessary for the retina to function properly, as it promotes transition opsina at rhodopsinproviding night vision.

Vitamin C It has antioxidant properties, it is necessary in the synthesis of collagen and collagen, redox processes, restoration of connective tissues. In addition, it has antidote properties.

Copperprotects the body from free radicals. It is also an element of some enzymes, for example, lysine oxidases, which is necessary for the elasticity and power of connective tissue.

Zincpart of the structure of cell membranes and proteins, enzymes. Like copper, it has antioxidant properties.

Zeaxanthinand luteinare carotenoids synthesized in the eyeball. But the synthesis of these substances in the eyeball is reduced by the influence of factors such as adverse ecology, age-related changes, and increased stress. Zeaxanthin and lutein absorb a certain part of the light spectrum. Due to this, visual acuity increases. Vitrum Foraise does not allow the retina to degenerate, the likelihood of clouding of the lens is reduced.

Data on the pharmacokinetics of Vitrum Forize are not provided.

Indications for use

The medicine is indicated for use in the following cases:

  • prevention of age-related disorders;
  • prevention, treatment diseases of the optic nerve, retinopathies, cataracts;
  • avitaminosis, hypovitaminosisaccompanied by visual impairment and severe eye fatigue;
  • prevention of the development of eye diseases during prolonged work at the computer or other loads on the organs of vision;
  • accelerate recovery after an ophthalmic surgery.

Taking the drug is also recommended for people who live in regions with an unfavorable environment, smokers, working in workshops with high air temperature.


Cases when taking the drug is not recommended:

  • hypersensitivity;
  • violation iron exchange, copper;
  • hypervitaminosis E, BUT;
  • heart failure;
  • thyrotoxicosis;
  • age up to 12 years;
  • sarcoidosis;
  • glomerulonephritis;
  • urolithiasis disease;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • renal failure;
  • the reception retinoids.

Under the supervision of a doctor, medication is prescribed for pregnant and lactating women.

Side effects

In general, Vitrum Fraize is well tolerated, side effects are unlikely.

However, in individuals with hypersensitivity, the following effects may occur:

  • allergic reactions (angioedema, hyperthermia, anaphylactic shock);
  • hivesrashes itching, bronchospasmdry lips;
  • diarrhea, vomiting, dyspepsianausea, abdominal pain;
  • anxiety, drowsiness, hallucinationsheadache, weakness, sweating.

Taking high doses for a long time can lead to impaired renal function, hair loss, arrhythmias, calcificationsoft tissue, the appearance of cracks in the feet and hands, paresthesia, hyperglycemia, seborrheic rashes, hyperuricemia.

Vitrum Foraise, instructions for use (Method and dosage)

Take the drug in the morning half a day, 1 tablet (during or after meals) for 1-2 months.

During the course of administration, it is advisable to adhere to a diet that includes foods containing fats. Such food improves the absorption of lutein from the digestive tract.


Increased side effects vomiting, allergic reactionsmanifestation hypervitaminosis E, FROM, BUT, dyspepsia, flatulence, nauseanervous system agitation diarrhea possible with an overdose

As a treatment prescribed Activated carbongastric lavage and symptomatic therapy.


The maximum effect of taking the medicine is possible when combined with food containing fats (especially vegetable oils).

Taking other drugs containing the same elements and vitamins, it is necessary to take into account their total effect.

Carotenoid absorption decreases when taken carrying funds, Orlistatand Colestipol.

Vitamin C may increase effect and side effects sulfanimamides. Suction vitamin edisturbed by the reception silver preparations or gland.

Terms of sale

In pharmacies, sales are over-the-counter.

Storage conditions

The optimal temperature for storing the vitamin complex is 25 ° C.

Shelf life

3 years.

Special instructions

Overdose may occur due to the use of other multivitamins.

An allergic reaction can cause dye E110.

The indicated dose should not be exceeded.

Studies of the effect on the ability to drive a car were not conducted. However, you should be aware of the possible manifestation of such side effects as hallucinations and drowsiness.

Reviews about Vitrum Foreyz

After taking the medicine, many patients noticed a decrease in eye fatigue and a return of visual acuity. Almost no side effects were observed, some note a mild drowsiness. Reviews for Vitrum Foraise Forte similar.

Price Vitrum Forayz where to buy

For a package of 30 tablets, the price in Ukraine is 63 UAH., In Russia - 259 rubles.

  • Online pharmacies in UkraineUkraine

Pani Pharmacy

  • Vitrum Fores Forte tab. No. 30, Unipharm 252 UAH to order
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