Loss of voice

Vote - One of the most important tools for verbal communication between people. Therefore, voice loss is a serious problem for a person, since in this state it is impossible to fully exchange information between people.

How is voice loss manifested?

Loss of voice - this state when the sonority completely disappears. Therefore, in this case a person can speak only in a whisper. In medicine, full or partial loss of voice is called aphonia. Depending on the cause of the loss of voice, it is determined true, functional, paralytic, spasmodic, hysterical aphonia.

Determined by complete and partial loss of voice. With partial loss, a person is worried hoarseness, hoarseness. At full - a person is able to make only sounds that are similar to a whisper.

In the reproduction of human voices are directly involved vocal cordslocated above the trachea. These are the folds of the mucous membrane that are in the larynx. During the vibration of the vocal cords, sound is produced. In order for the sound to be fully developed, the vocal cords should not be inflamed or irritated.

Loss of voice may be accompanied by coughing painful sensations in the larynx and throat, tickling, sensation of the presence of a coma in the throat. With an infectious disease, it is also often observed dry coughhigh fever, general weakness.

Very often, patients have a loss of voice with a cold. A person may initially note that he has a sore throat, and voice loss is observed after that after a while. Goal pain and loss of voice are symptoms of a number of diseases of the upper respiratory tract. However, most often observed laryngitis and voice loss.

If a person cannot speak loudly and loudly, then we are talking about hoarseness. Such a symptom most often manifests itself in diseases of the larynx and manifests itself as a result of damage or irritation of the vocal cords. If you do not practice treatment and do not take medicine with loss of voice, the condition may worsen. As a result, there is a sore throat, cough and loss of voice.

Nevertheless, any remedy for voice loss can be used only after the patient is correctly diagnosed. You can not take pills for voice loss on your own, and also practice the treatment of voice loss with folk remedies.

Why is voice loss manifested?

Various causes can lead to hoarseness and subsequent loss of voice. However, the most common cause of hoarseness and loss of ability to speak is the inflammatory process of the vocal cords due to the development of a viral infection. Also, a number of other causes lead to voice loss, in particular bacterial infections, overstrain of the vocal cords, exposure to irritants, and a number of common diseases.

Sometimes voice loss is the result of the so-called "laryngitis of teachers." This is a strong overstrain of the vocal cords, which is often observed in people whose profession involves the constant use of a loud voice. These are singers, teachers, announcers, etc. As a rule, as a result of such an overstrain, a person completely loses the ability to speak loudly and can only communicate in a whisper.

Hoarseness and loss of ability to speak is a symptom acute or chronic laryngitis. Acute laryngitis is a consequence of a viral infectious disease. In this condition, it is important to consult a specialist in a timely manner, since a complication of acute laryngitis can subsequently become laryngeal stenosis. An acute form of laryngitis is very dangerous for young children.

Chronic laryngitis develops as a consequence of the often recurring acute form of the disease. Also, inflammation of the sinuses, pharynx, etc. can lead to chronic laryngitis. As a rule, in the chronic form of the disease, the voice does not disappear completely, but becomes hoarse, quiet, husky. In this case, the general well-being of a person can be quite satisfactory.

In some cases, the voice may disappear against the background of severe stress, strong emotional experiences and shocks, individual neurological disorders.

In addition to the above-mentioned relatively common causes, the loss of the ability to talk normally can be associated with the development of benign and malignant neoplasms in the larynx, diseases thyroid glandbreathing problems.

Loss of voice is sometimes also associated with development. heart failure, sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis. This symptom is sometimes the result of abuse of bad habits, in particular, the influence on the state of the vocal cords of malicious smoking.

How to overcome voice loss?

How to treat voice loss, and what exactly means should be used for this, you must ask your doctor. Correct and effective treatment of head loss is possible only after the final diagnosis and determination of the cause that led to the manifestation of this symptom. After this, a comprehensive treatment of the underlying ailment is carried out.

If a person cannot speak normally due to the development of viral infections and, accordingly, acute laryngitis, then he can be prescribed medication for voice loss. The doctor prescribes sprays containing emollient components: cameton, bioparox and others. Also prescribed anti-inflammatory local drugs. Often, special respiratory gymnastics and physiotherapy can improve the condition.

If there is no pain in the throat, then rinsing will most likely not be an effective treatment.

It is very important to exclude any bad habits during the treatment period, as well as the subsequent recovery period. You can’t smoke or drink alcohol, as this one will only aggravate the problem.

It is necessary to carefully observe the voice peace - try not to strain the vocal cords, not to speak very loudly, in no case to scream or sing. You also need to talk as little as possible.

Doctors strongly advise to remove any spicy, sour and very hot dishes and drinks from the diet during treatment of hoarseness or loss of voice. Some people mistakenly believe that hot tea with lemon or milk helps to regain the ability to talk normally. In fact, both hot drink and citric acid affect the vocal cords annoyingly, so in the end a person can get an additional burn of the mucous membrane.

Practice some folk treatmentsthat allow you to efficiently and quickly restore the ability to speak normally. Such methods include, above all, inhalation. However, it is undesirable to do such procedures without prior approval from a doctor. For inhalation, a decoction of herbs (a mixture of linden, chamomile and eucalyptus or separate decoctions of each of the plants) should be prepared. After the broth has boiled, you need to bend over the saucepan, cover with a towel and breathe in pairs for 10-15 minutes.

Inhalations are also carried out using aromatic oils of cedar, basil, eucalyptus, lavender. A few drops of oil should be dissolved in a pan with boiling water and then inhalation in the same way.

There are also a number of folk recipes that singers, presenters, and announcers practice to restore voice. However, doctors emphasize that such drugs are only an auxiliary method to the main treatment. In addition, some recipes are not suitable for all people.

You can prepare a solution of two egg whites, two teaspoons of sugar and 50 g of cognac. A thoroughly whipped solution is drunk before bedtime, while every sip of it should be washed down with warm water.

Another healthy drink is milk-fig "cocktail". To cook it, you need to pour the flesh of the fig with milk and slightly warm it. Such a warm mixture should be taken several times a day.

To restore voice in traditional medicine is also used. horseradish infusion. To prepare it, a small piece of horseradish (about the size of a walnut) is finely chopped and poured with a third glass of boiling water. The mixture is infused for about 20 minutes, after which 1 teaspoon of sugar should be added to it. Throughout the day, the infusion should be taken 1 teaspoon every hour.

If you lose your voice, warmth will be useful: around the neck for the night you need to wrap a scarf made of natural wool, and put on woolen socks on your legs. In this case, it is advisable not to strain the vocal cords, that is, not to speak.

If a person feels that hoarseness, hoarseness is manifested, it is better to immediately cancel all activities associated with the use of a loud voice, since inflamed ligaments are very easy to permanently disable and seriously aggravate the condition.

Doctors advise to make sure that all obstacles that prevent breathing through the nose are removed. People who are forced to breathe through the mouth due to the curvature of the nasal septum, the presence of adenoids and others, often suffer from hoarseness, manifested under the influence of dry and cold air.

Quitting smoking is an essential measure for preventing voice changes, as tobacco smoke irritates the throat and dries the mucous membrane. You should also not abuse drinks that contain caffeine, as they contribute to dehydration, which, in turn, leads to dry vocal cords.

Dryness in the throat is also provoked by some medications. If the patient notes such a side effect during the treatment of any diseases, he should consult a doctor and try to find a replacement for such a drug. Most often, this side effect is observed in the treatment of antihistamines, as well as medications for the thyroid gland and for increased blood pressure.

It should not be a long time in places where there is a lot of dust, smoke, or any other irritants are present.

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