Dental fillings and tabs

Tooth diseasescurrently hit a person very often. This is due to the influence of many negative factors: stress, nutrition, smoking, improper dental care, etc. Therefore, in the modern world, everyone should carefully monitor the condition of their teeth and consult a dentist at the first symptoms of such diseases. If the problem is ignored, then in the end a person develops tooth decay, which gradually leads to irreversible tooth decay.

Tooth decay

Caries is the most dangerous enemy for teeth. In the process of developing this disease, a slow decay of the tooth occurs. Under the influence of the pathological process, the minerals that make up the tooth enamel dissolve. As a result, a cavity appears in a previously healthy tooth. And with the further development of the disease, pulpitis. At the same time, the intensity of pain gradually increases in a person, which eventually annoys him more and more.

The process of demineralization occurs under the influence of microorganisms, as well as their waste products. Depending on the depth of the process, experts determine uncomplicated and complicated caries. Uncomplicated form of the disease, in turn, is divided into spot caries, caries superficial, as well as cervical caries, average, deep.

With a complicated form of the disease, a person already develops pulpitis and periodontitis.

With pulpitis, the doctor initially removes the patient’s nerve and its processes, then fill the root canal, and then fill the tooth.

But if caries is just beginning, then the nerve can not be removed. At the initial stage of the disease, the enamel mineral is restored using a special solution. In the subsequent stages of caries, a cavity is treated and the tooth is then filled. The success of caries treatment always depends on several factors: the professionalism of the doctor, the quality of the materials, as well as how timely the patient asked for help. Dental fillings help to overcome the disease and slow down its development.

Dental fillings

A dental filling is a good way to restore not only the shape, but also the function of a tooth that has been damaged by caries. The tooth, in which the seal was correctly installed, hurts only immediately after the filling is completed. Later, a person may feel that his functions are again almost full. Whatever types of fillings the dentist puts, he initially removes tissue that has been affected by caries. Then the doctor carefully cleans the places infected with the disease, and after that the cleaned area is filled with a solution that prevents the development of the disease in the future. As a result, the tooth is no longer destroyed.

The cost of a tooth filling is determined depending on the quality of the material from which it is made. So, if a patient has a photopolymer filling, then in this case the price of a tooth filling will be higher than when using conventional material. But in any case, it is only the doctor who can determine exactly how much it costs to put a tooth fill in each case, after a thorough examination of the patient’s teeth.

Modern dentists perform dental fillings using the latest equipment and technologies. Therefore, the process is not associated with significant discomfort for the patient. If necessary, local anesthesia, after which, the patient, being conscious, does not feel pain.

Types of dental fillings

Modern dentists perform dental fillings using various filling materials that provide strength and reliability, while being safe for human health.

Seals are divided into temporary and permanent. If a person has a permanent seal, and at the same time all the rules and technologies are followed, then it should stand for many years. Moreover, the situation when the patient has a toothache after filling is unacceptable.

There are different types of fillings made of a variety of materials. Metal seals are made of different types amalgams (the so-called metal alloys with mercury). The most commonly used silver amalgam. Recently, however, often talk about the dangers of mercury. Therefore, such materials are used less often when filling.

Filling using cement fillings. In this case, mainly cements are used, material based on phosphates, as well as glass ionomer cements. With the help of phosphate cements, filling of the tooth canal and subsequent placement of fillings were widely practiced earlier, several decades ago. However, such seals were poorly fixed and quickly worn away.

Seals made of light-polymer materials often set by modern dentists. These are light curing cement, composite polymers, composites. Thanks to a special adhesive system, the seal holds well on the tooth. The light polymer hardens under the influence of light from a special lamp. Using this material, the dentist can form a filling as required in a particular case. Therefore, fillings with such material can be made on different surfaces, to restore broken-off parts of teeth, etc.

Glass ionomer cements also provide a high cosmetic effect, were distinguished by their durability. Such material is durable, stable, and its prices are quite reasonable.

Another group of materials with which fillings are performed, including the front teeth, is composites and plastics. Such materials have different fillers. However, these materials also have a number of disadvantages, in particular toxicity, a tendency to various reactions, etc.

Composite fillings tear to match the color of the teeth. But it should be noted that large fillings are not made of composite material, since it is very quickly chipped off or erased. In addition, such a seal is often stained with coffee, tobacco, tea. As a rule, an installed composite seal can last about 10 years. At the same time, complaints that the tooth hurts after filling the canals rarely sound if the seal is installed by a professional.

Sometimes dentists install gold fillingswhich are highly reliable. At the same time, patients easily endure dental filling with such materials, and the question of why the tooth hurts after treatment practically does not arise. A person may note discomfort due to the fact that the tooth aches, only in the first hours after filling. Such a filling is almost invisible in the mouth: it is difficult to distinguish it in a photo or video. But the price of such material is higher, and the doctor installs it much longer than an ordinary seal. Therefore, filling of milk teeth with such material is not practiced.

Temporary filling

Temporary filling used by dentists in the treatment of pulpitis or advanced caries as an intermediate stage. As a rule, if a patient has a toothache that intensely hurts, a temporary filling is something that a dentist cannot do without treatment. Also, temporary fillings are used to treat tooth canals. Their use allows you to monitor the condition of the patient and make the right decision on the subsequent treatment of the tooth. A temporary filling is installed exactly as in the case of the most common tooth filling. The material for such an insert is a cementing material that is mixed with a treatment insert individually selected in each case. Sometimes it is arsenic, however, other substances are used, the use of which depends on how intensely the tooth hurts, etc. If a patient has such a filling in a tooth, then he is primarily interested in the question of how much they go with a temporary filling, and also what to do if such a filling has fallen out.

The period of stay in a tooth of such a filling depends, first of all, on why the doctor refers to this method, on its composition and technology, that is, how correctly it was installed. If such a seal is too soft, crumbles or has flown out, then it is installed to the patient again. But in most cases, a temporary seal is worn no more than one month. It is important to consult a specialist as soon as a temporary filling has flown out of the tooth, because food may enter the cavity that has appeared, which will lead to an inflammatory process. Later, after completion of treatment, a temporary filling is removed and replaced with a real one.

Tooth tabs

Sometimes caries affects a very large part of the tooth, and at the same time it becomes deep and extensive. Such a tooth is hardly amenable to high-quality filling, and it is very difficult for a doctor to restore it even in several treatment sessions. In this case, tooth tabs are used. These are original prostheses that are used to restore the anatomical shape tooth crown, which was hit by caries, or the cause of its destruction was another pathology. Existing types of tooth inlays allow filling large cavities, facilitate the installation of crowns, and create support for bridge. Using counter tabs, which are placed on opposed teeth, are used to prevent tooth tissue from being erased. The cost of installing such tabs depends on many factors, therefore, the doctor should determine the total cost of such treatment only individually.

Tabs for teeth have been used by dentists in the treatment for a relatively long time. The materials from which the tabs are made in the teeth are very diverse. This is high grade gold, alloys of platinum, silver, palladium. But the tab can be not only metal. Modern dental inlays are made of ceramics, composite materials, ceramic. A number of materials in modern dentistry is no longer used, and other technologies are used instead.

Ceramic tabs allow you to flawlessly repeat the shape and color of the tooth, and at the same time provides an ideal fit of the edges. Such tabs can last for many years. Metal fillings have a number of advantages, but they do not repeat the natural color of the tooth. The color of the plastic inlays cannot remain stable for a long time. Moreover, such a material may be porous.

Widely used now composite materialsmade from a polymer base and certain substances inside it. Before setting such a tab, a cast of the dental cavity is made. To model the tab, modeling wax is used. But before that, the tooth under the tab is treated with a drill, and sanitation is carried out to prevent the development of caries under the tab. Before setting the tabs, the preparation of the tooth under the crown is applied. If necessary, dental tabs are also placed on the front teeth. They differ in a number of advantages: dental prosthetics tabs allows you to provide the necessary strength, resistance to destruction and exposure to aggressive substances. The tabs are more durable than ordinary fillings, they do not erase so quickly.

The use of dental inlays involves the use of a direct, indirect method for the manufacture of inlays, as well as computer simulation.

In the cavity, the dental inlays are fixed with cement or a special adhesive material. After this, you can perform several actions: finally treat the surface of the tooth so that its appearance is as natural as possible, install a crown or bridge. The use of dental inlays in dentistry is widely combined with the use of other technologies.

When performing all the actions associated with the installation of tooth tabs, the doctor uses anesthesia, a variety of which is selected depending on the characteristics of the problem and the wishes of the patient. Materials for fillings and tooth tabs are also selected taking into account all the wishes of the patient. In this case, the color, brightness, transparency of the tooth is necessarily taken into account.

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