Fifth month of pregnancy

Fifth month of pregnancy - This is the equator of the period of bearing a child for a woman. The baby begins to actively move, and sometimes not only the expectant mother, but also other people already feel the movements. 5 months of pregnancy is a period when, most likely, you can already find out what the sex of the unborn baby is. The stomach is actively growing, so it will be necessary to adjust the wardrobe so that the pregnant woman feels as comfortable as possible.

Child development at the fifth month of pregnancy

According to doctors, in the fifth month of development, the child can already hear and even distinguish sounds and voices. Already at this stage, he begins to gradually recognize the timbre of the voice of his parents.

Gradually they are included in the work of the body endocrine glands fetus. This month they begin to work actively, providing the fetus with the necessary hormones. The spleen of the baby also begins to function, which produces many lymphocytes and monocytesresponsible for the protective functions of the body. It is the responsibility of the spleen to monitor quality. red blood cellsthat are produced by red bone marrow. Thus, red blood cells that have a defect are sorted and destroyed.

A feature of pregnancy, the 17th week of which is often marked by increased tremors of the baby, is a gradual increase in its activity. The baby’s body during this period is covered by the so-called primordial grease - whitish curd. This is the secret of the sebaceous glands mixed with epidermal flakes. The thickest layers of this substance are found in the fetus on the scalp, behind the ears, on the bends of the limbs. In the following weeks, the baby has a passive immunityThe rapid growth of muscles and bones continues. Gradually, by the end of the fifth month, the fetus acquires more and more features that make it look like a newborn. The body becomes more round, the fluff covering the skin darkens. By the end of 5 months of pregnancy, the fetus will grow to about 25 cm, and its weight is about 300-400 grams.

In the fifth month of pregnancy, a woman usually goes through the second ultrasonography, during which the fetus can be considered in more detail. Thus, the doctor can rule out a number of possible defects in the baby's organs. During this study, an opportunity is given to find out the gender of the unborn child. However, in some cases, the position of the baby does not allow to determine whether it is a boy or a girl.

Appearance of a woman in the fifth month of pregnancy

If initially a pregnancy, for 18 weeks of which a woman is gradually and slowly gaining weight, is not particularly noticeable to other people, then for the fifth month of pregnancy a more intensive increase in woman’s body weight is characteristic. The normal weight gain for this month is three kilograms. However, every pregnant woman must take into account the fact that in the process of bearing a child, weight gain can occur not gradually, but in peculiar jumps. Therefore, in each individual case, the number of kilograms gained may vary.

During this period, a woman may experience sharp hair growth, which sometimes appears in rather unexpected places - for example, on her back, on her stomach. At the same time, the hair on the head becomes much thicker, silky. The condition of the nails also noticeably improves: they become longer and stronger. The fact is that during pregnancy, blood flow becomes more intense, respectively, the amount of useful nutrients in the female body also increases. However, it should be noted that after the birth of a child, such positive changes, alas, as a rule, disappear.

Sex in the fifth month of pregnancy

At 5 months of pregnancy, many women note the fact that their sex life is becoming more harmonious. This is partly due to the fact that in the second trimester of pregnancy, the future mother's well-being is usually good. It becomes much easier for some women to feel an orgasm during sex. True, there are those who cease to feel it at all.

Such changes are the result of fluctuations. hormonal background. After the baby is born, all these features will disappear.

Health in the fifth month of pregnancy

Gradually, pregnancy, which is already past 20 weeks, becomes more noticeable, the stomach increases, and this invariably affects the general health of the expectant mother. When walking or other physical exertion, she can already feel a little shortness of breath. The frequency of urination also increases: you have to get up to the toilet at night. Gradually increasing breast size. When a pregnancy, 5 months of which breast changes were less noticeable, continues to develop, sometimes in women a small amount of colostrum is secreted from the nipples. This is a normal phenomenon in this period, so it should not cause any excitement or discomfort.

There may be some problems with the skin, which become excessively dry. In some places, the skin may begin to peel off until bouts of slight itching occur. With such phenomena, you can seek the advice of a treating gynecologist or use special means for pregnant women that are intended for skin care.

At this time, a woman should take all measures to prevent the manifestation varicose veins. To do this, first of all, heel shoes should be completely abandoned. And women who are prone to problems with the veins are strongly advised to wear special tights, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. Perhaps you should think about a new pair of comfortable shoes, because the size of the legs of a pregnant woman often increases slightly.

After about 20 weeks of pregnancy, some women are advised to wear a special bandage that helps maintain their abdomen. However, this should be done only if the doctor has confirmed that the child is already in the correct position - head presentation. Such a bandage will prevent the reverse "turn" of the fetus, and also help to avoid stretch marks on the skin that appear in connection with its stretching. In addition, it is easier for a woman to move in a bandage.

The position in a dream during pregnancy, 19 weeks of which the woman experienced less noticeable inconvenience, also needs to be adjusted. The abdomen is enlarged, and it becomes uncomfortable to sleep both in the abdomen and on the back. The optimal posture for sleeping a pregnant woman, experts determine the position on the left side, while placing a pillow between the legs, or laying foot over foot. With this posture in a dream, blood flow is activated, kidney function improves, and as a result, the fetus receives more nutrients it needs. In this case, metabolic products are excreted more intensively from the body, and the woman does not complain of edema.

A pregnant woman staying for 5 months should not pick up heavy things or objects. The maximum weight that can be lifted and carried is five kilograms. If weight lifting cannot be avoided, then it is extremely important to do it correctly - gradually, and not jerkily. At the same time, you should become, spread your legs a little and bend your knees, and not bend in the belt.

What bothers a woman in her fifth month of pregnancy

During the 5 month of pregnancy, the expectant mother may note some phenomena, both physical and psychological, that concern her. It may be too intense fetal movements, manifestation constipation, heartburnperiodic bowel disorder. Perhaps a constant feeling of blockage in the nasal passages and runny nose, periodic headaches, dizziness, too much discharge leucorrhoeableeding gums. Also, a woman carrying a child during this period may suffer from leg cramps, swelling of the limbs, and varicose veins. In the back, periodic or constant pain may appear, on the face and on the skin of the abdomen pigmentation. Pigmentation is manifested by a vertical darkish line on the abdomen, also called chloasma - dark spots - appears on the face. Sometimes due to friction of some skin areas in pregnant women appear moles or wartswhich in most cases disappear after childbirth. At this time, appetite may increase markedly. The expectant mother notes that her mood swings are now less likely to occur. She gradually realizes what pregnancy is, as a result of which she periodically feels distracted and tired.

It is important to relax as much as possible and in no case to allow physical and moral overload.

Fainting during pregnancy

In the fifth month fainting and dizziness disturb many pregnant women. There are a number of reasons that explain these phenomena. So, dizziness can be the result of a significant change in the proportions between the volume of blood and the volume of blood vessels. This condition also provokes a constant pressure of the uterus, which is growing rapidly, on the blood vessels. In some women, so-called orthostatic hypotension manifests itself at this time. These are dizziness, which sharply occur when the position of the body changes, for example, in the process of rising. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that pregnant women under any circumstances change their body position very smoothly, and not abruptly. In order to avoid fainting, it is important to eat fully and regularly, as fasting can lower the blood sugar level of a pregnant woman. Also, fainting may be the result of insufficient oxygen in the room. However, with the occurrence of frequent fainting, a woman should always consult a doctor, because this may indicate development anemia or other ailments.

If you feel dizzy, a pregnant woman should lie down and give her legs an elevated position. If there is no way to lie down, you need to sit down and bend your head forward or stand on one knee and tilt your head.

Back pain during pregnancy

Pain in the back in pregnant women occurs due to relaxation of the femoral-sacral joints. This happens as the body prepares for the baby to be born. In addition, due to the rapid growth of the abdomen, the posture of the pregnant woman changes, and she instinctively takes her shoulders back to avoid loss of balance. Pregnant women who have correct posture, as a rule, do not suffer from back pain.

In order for the pain in the spine to not manifest too intensely, already in the fifth month of pregnancy it is worth thinking about some points. First of all, it is important for a woman to monitor her own body weight. If the weight grows too fast, the load on the spine also increases. Only comfortable and stable shoes should be worn, do not stand for a long time in the same position.

A pregnant woman should only sleep on a hard mattress. If it is very bent, you need to put something flat and solid under it. Wearing a bandage or belt for pregnant women also helps to reduce pain in the spine.

A woman needs to pay attention to whether she is sitting correctly. Do not put your foot on the foot while sitting, because this position provokes a strong load on the back. It is advisable to put your feet on a raised platform, and let the back of the chair be the support for the spine. It is important not to “sit up” and periodically walk for several minutes.

It is not recommended to raise your arms up for a long time: in this position, the back muscles are very tense. To reduce back pain, you can take a warm bath or do some special physical exercises that your doctor will tell you.

Nutrition in the fifth month of pregnancy

During this period, a woman may periodically suffer from bouts of heartburn. To prevent their appearance, you should constantly drink fresh potato juice, drink jelly, eat grated carrots. The correct approach to nutrition during the period of bearing a child is important to prevent problems with the condition of the teeth, which often arise as the fetus develops. In the second trimester of pregnancy, it is important to include in the diet a lot of foods that contain calcium, try to reduce the amount of sugar eaten. Helps strengthen gums vitamin C. Therefore, you need to constantly eat foods containing this vitamin. Daily diet should be balanced, food - nutritious. However, the total calorie content of the food should not be too high.

Dangers in the fifth month of pregnancy

In rare cases, spontaneous miscarriages may occur between the 12th and 20th weeks of pregnancy miscarriages. Termination of pregnancy at 5 months is due to an inflammatory process in the uterus or in a child's place. Sometimes a miscarriage can occur as a result of surgical operations on the vessels of the pelvis, the use of certain medications. It is also possible separation of the child's place from the uterus ahead of schedule, the cessation of the production of hormones that are responsible for the normal course of pregnancy. In addition, infectious disease, chronic ailments, anatomical features of the uterus, as well as severe stress.

A woman should know that the main signs of the development of the pathological process are pink or brown discharge, which lasts more than two days, the presence of cramping, bleeding. If such symptoms occur, it is important to immediately contact your doctor.

Sometimes a pregnant woman at this time has abdominal pain that is associated with the process of stretching the nodes and muscles that support the uterus. The pain can have a different nature - it can be either spasmodic, stitching, or prolonged and aching. Such manifestations are a variant of the norm. However, if this condition manifests itself against a background of fever, bleeding, strong discharge, fainting, it is important to consult a doctor immediately.


Experts do not mind traveling pregnant women during this period of pregnancy. However, before that, the expectant mother should consult a doctor and undergo an examination. Traveling should never bore a woman, therefore, it should not be allowed to be distant and dangerous. You must take a card with a pregnancy history, first aid kit with you.

Physical activity in the fifth month of pregnancy is also not contraindicated. However, when performing physical exercises, you need to remember your own position. Therefore, it is advisable to do a special complex of simple exercises for pregnant women, it is also useful to engage in swimming at this time.

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